Innovating With Emerging Technology In A Time Of Scarcity

A Complimentary Forrester Webinar

Continuous innovation had become the new normal even before COVID-19 struck, and it was clear that organisations failing to adapt would sooner or later cease to exist. The Coronavirus crisis has not only accelerated this dynamic, but is also forcing all organisations – no matter how advanced – to revisit their digital strategies.

Join Forrester analyst Martha Bennett for this 30 minute webinar and discover the role emerging technologies can play in ensuring that your company doesn’t just survive but thrive in this time of uncertainty and ongoing cost constraints.

Join this webinar to understand:

  • Why it’s important to continue investing in emerging technologies even when resources are tight.
  • Best practices and pitfalls to avoid in selecting new technologies, and how to bring them into your organisation.
  • How to establish a tight link between business strategy and emerging tech.



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30 minutes

Martha Bennett

VP, Principal Analyst