Being Open – Lessons On Innovation From Financial Services

A Complimentary Forrester Webinar

Necessity is the mother of innovation and no time is that more true than in times of crisis. Covid-19 is forcing firms to rethink their business and how they deliver value to customers, often via third parties – and at short notice. The banking industry already has experience of this through open banking, which compels banks to open their doors to innovation and wider collaboration. It is a big change, requiring a cultural reset to spark innovation and a pivot to outside-in thinking.

This panel session explores the lessons learned in financial services, how to collaborate to deliver value to customers; helping you to position innovation as vital tool to meet the challenges of a post-Covid world.

During the webinar Jacob leads a discussion on:

  • How to position innovation and shift the culture of the company to one that appreciates its value.
  • How to engage third parties and move faster.
  • How to engage ecosystems collaboratively and not perceive them as a threat.



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45 minutes