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There is a proven connection between high-quality CX and revenue growth. Executing a CX program that will truly impact revenue requires executive buy-in, a honed vision and road map and, most importantly, a team of people dedicated to the mission. All team members must be steeped in the core skills required to carry out a CX program. These skills are hard to find in outside talent and difficult to master internally.

CX Certification is a training program designed to build the CX proficiency to drive business growth and give employees the professional recognition needed to stand out in a burgeoning field.

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We’ve designed a path that enables CX practitioners to learn and certify core skills and build upon that knowledge with advanced certification opportunities.

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Jan. 13
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CX Foundations CX Management Innovating CX
Feb. 10
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CX Foundations CX Management Innovating CX
Mar. 9
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CX Foundations
Apr. 13
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May 11
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June 8
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Oct. 19
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Nov. 9
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CX Foundations CX Management Innovating CX

Enjoy A Dynamic Certification Experience

  • Access concise, snackable content on demand in a digital learning platform.
  • Engage with fellow practitioners and champions in our social learning platform to share challenges and exchange ideas.
  • Access a CX toolkit with templates useful for practical application after the course.
  • Receive a signed certificate and badge that can be shared with social networks upon completion of the course.

Learn More About The CX Certification Courses

Level 1: CX – I

CX Foundations

Develop the skills needed to initiate and orchestrate end-to-end CX projects in this eight-week course on the fundamentals of customer experience. Employees will demonstrate their competency through hands-on activities that result in deliverables that can be put into practice immediately in a real-life CX program.

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Level 2: CX – II

CX Management

Enrollment prerequisite: CX Foundations course
Build on the core CX knowledge gained in the CX Foundations course with a eight-week course that will teach you how to build a lasting CX practice at your company. Through a series of hands-on activities and online learning videos, you will learn how to develop discipline in the six core competencies required for effective CX management.

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Level 3: CX – III

Innovating CX

Enrollment prerequisites: CX Foundations and CX Management courses
Discover cutting-edge tactics in this eight-week course, so you can emulate and experiment to ensure that your organization maintains its standing among those few who do it best. Study topics like the future of CX measurement, the leading edge of design, and evolving CX prioritization in the context of how technology is continually changing CX management.

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