Marketing technologies that matter

The martech landscape is fragmented, frothy, and confusing — at a time when CMOs must master technology to deliver superior, personalized experiences at scale. This architecture identifies the technologies that matter — today and in the next few years — and provides a logical structure to enable the critical capabilities that CMOs need to drive growth.

Systems of engagement are many and varied and have historically fallen along channel lines. Today's systems of engagement need to provide graceful, personalized journeys across channels and touchpoints.
Digital ad
Mobile app
Direct mail
Customer journeys
The world has moved from in-channel optimization to touchpoint orchestration. Marshaling data nested in different systems to create personalized journeys is more important than ever.
In an insights-driven world, marketers must federate and master data and insights that reside in dispersed systems to provide personalized, context-rich experiences.
Identity management is the connective tissue among first-, second-, third-, and zero-party data found in the many systems of record across the business to forge a single, cohesive, and powerful connection between your brand and the customer.
Enabling technologies will reshape how marketers work and engage customers.