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The opportunity for marketing to lead your organization’s growth is clear. As increasingly empowered customers take center stage, companies are looking to marketing leaders to provide the vision and the insights needed to deliver on customer expectations and drive revenue. You have to be ready.

What should you do to take full advantage of the trends that will impact you in 2022? Find out. Read Planning Assumptions 2022: B2B Marketing. In this new guide, you’ll discover six assumptions that our research says will matter and specific actions that will prepare you to profit from those trends.

You’ll learn why (and how):

  • Marketing leaders will better align with sales and product and help build customer trust.
  • Marketing operations will focus on existing customers and drive integration across the revenue engine.
  • Demand leaders will move from driving clicks to capturing buying intent signals and embrace the rise of the buying group.

Find out what these trends mean to you and how to respond to them. Download and read this guide filled with fresh research findings and best next steps.


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