Now Tech Methodology

Executive Summary

The Forrester Now Tech is designed to help our clients understand, identify, and shortlist the vendors that align with their most critical business technology issues.

Why Forrester Writes Now Tech Reports

A Now Tech report highlights the value proposition, vendor segments, and individual vendors operating in a maturing marketplace. A Now Tech helps Forrester clients become more educated about a market and provides them with a preliminary list of vendors that they might prioritize for ongoing interactions.

The Forrester Now Tech Categories: A Forrester Now Tech report classifies established technology players based on annual revenue as well as functionality specific to the market being covered.

The Forrester Now Tech Process: The Forrester Now Tech process includes the distribution of a questionnaire to vendors in the market that helps us create: a market definition; an explanation of business value; a market presence graphic; an overview of primary market segments; a segmentation graphic; and tables listing the vendors in the market.