Customer Experience

As customer experience matures out of the experimental phase, all eyes are on results. We predict that in 2020, CX and EX professionals will be charged with gaining better customer understanding and mastering metrics.


Could CX become a victim of its own success? Mature CX orgs have cleared out the low-hanging fruit. To continue succeeding, CX leaders must prove the ROI of CX investments in 2020.

Customer Experience

In 2020, 35% of organizations will invest in tech in an attempt to improve customer service. Learn more.

The Customer In 2020

Hyper-individuated marketing hasn’t made customers happy. In 2020, companies will start bringing customers together, instead.

Customer Insights

Firms drown their customers in survey requests. But in 2020, 35% of companies will go beyond surveys to collect customer insights.

Employee Experience

Expect more firms to take steps toward gender identity inclusivity in 2020. This includes making it possible for employees to use their preferred pronouns.

Webinar: Predictions 2020

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