Region – Asia Pacific

In APAC, 2020 will be defined by rapid, disruptive change. Watch Forrester analysts predict the challenges and opportunities firms will contend with in 2020 and beyond.

Predictions 2020

In 2020, firms must harness three different types of potential energy — consumer, security and technology — to move from prudent investments to breakout growth.

Financial Services (Australia)

2020 will challenge Australian financial services firms, as success becomes ever more closely tied with brands’ values and morals.


CIOs will automate 10% of tasks, while upscaling staffing in key areas like agile development.


The future of work is changing. CIOs will make Employee Experience a key priority as their employees will be challenged by continuous corporate transformation and automation.


A significant increase in AI implementation across Asia Pacific will drive unintended consequences and AI ethics must be at the core of digital transformation.

Customer Experience

In 2020, 35% of organizations will invest in tech in an attempt to improve customer service. Learn more.

Customer Experience

In 2020, CX professionals will either quantify their business impact and reach new levels of influence… or find themselves in a tenuous position.

B2C Marketing

Marketers in Asia Pacific are planning to spend more on marketing technology than their global counterparts, but they need to invest strategically and focus on brand differentiation.

B2C Marketing

Asia Pacific B2B CMOs will have to better align with sales and product to positively impact the revenue engine.

Security & Risk

Security professionals will be on the front line in the fight against deepfakes. Deepfakes will proliferate and try to wreak havoc on individuals, companies, and governments.

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