Measuring the business impact of emotion

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The balance of power has shifted to customers: human beings whose emotions guide affinity and spend decisions. Brands have long pulled at heartstrings in attempts to drive affinity. While there is broad recognition of the role that emotion plays in bottom-line results, the line between emotion and financials is fuzzy at best. Companies that can close the gap gain strategic advantage.

In this on-demand webinar, Forrester’s Chief Marketing Officer Victor Milligan interviews top analysts — Anjali Lai, Harley Manning, and Roxana Strohmenger — on the methods to quantify and operationalize emotion in a market commanded by fickle and restless customers.

Hosted by:

Victor Milligan
Chief Marketing Officer

Anjali Lai
Data Analyst

Harley Manning
Vice President, Research Director

Roxana Strohmenger
VP, CX Index

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