B2C Marketing Research

Brand and CX must become a cohesive force to help you stay ahead of the market and deliver standout buyer experiences. Forrester’s B2C marketing research provides strategic guidance on how to focus strategies, operations, and budget on the customer across your organization.

Lead Customer Obsession

Improve The Value Of The Brand

Improve brand value and differentiation with insight on what CX drivers and innovations will raise customer perception.

Generate Customer Loyalty And Retention

Deliver hyper-relevant, emotionally resonant brand experiences that foster loyalty across the journey and keep customers connected.

Stay Ahead Of Market Change

Lead response to changing demands with investments, partner relationships, and creative strategies oriented around the customer of the future even as media, technology, and markets continuously change.

Signature Research

Forrester analysts watch the markets to help guide you, as a B2C marketing leader, to success. Put this expertise to work for you with analyst access and signature marketing research such as:

  • Consumer Energy Index: Track the underlying forces that compel consumers toward or away from a brand experience.
  • ForecastView market forecasts: See quantitative market forecasts with expert analysis to guide strategic planning for retail, digital marketing, device adoption, and spending in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.
  • eBusiness and channel strategy playbooks: Use a repeatable formula to discover, plan, act, and optimize programs to maximize your digital strategy and investments.
  • Marketing measurement and insights: Embrace a unified marketing measurement standard to measure performance, strengthen planning, and shift to a continuous optimization process.
  • Omnichannel advertising: Invest advertising funds efficiently and effectively based on data and best practices.
  • Predictions: See what’s coming and understand the consumer, market, and social dynamics that will affect your business over the next 12 months.

Time With Experts: Inquiry

Forrester analysts are past practitioners and experts in their field. Each analyst brings this unique knowledge and background to help you vet ideas, validate direction, and put research into practice. Each analyst inquiry includes:

  • 30-minute discussion
  • Personalized advice
  • Actionable next steps

Looking for more time with experts?
Strategic advice programs provide customized, hands-on analyst engagement to help you apply Forrester insights to your key initiatives through quarterly strategy sessions or execute on your B2C Marketing transformational strategies through a specific consulting project.

Forrester plays a vital role in our analysis of consumer behavior and usage of online financial services in specific markets. The easy access to high-quality research, data, and analyst expertise has helped us make the right decisions — both strategic and operational.

Market SVP, global head of online and mobile banking
Global financial services company

Research Spotlight

Brand Convergence

You create financial value when you align employee experience and customer experience to shape brand perception. Actively develop a convergence to energize your brand for all, focusing on two distinct employee roles: ​

  1. Internal contributors. When brand marketing is done right, the brand guides an individual through candidacy, growth, advocacy, and transition.
  2. External ambassadors. To be effective ambassadors, employees must be steeped in the brand and deliver experiences that match the brand promise. ​

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