Customer Experience Research

Your company’s success hinges on your ability to master CX as a true discipline. Forrester’s groundbreaking CX research lays out the vision and strategy behind a successful CX transformation, providing deep consumer insights and strategic frameworks to help you rally your team and prove the business value of CX to your organization.

Focus Your CX Vision

Lay The Foundation For Continuous CX Transformation

Build a strategy and implement proven models that adapt and grow with the needs of your business and market.

Design And Deliver Valuable Experiences

Reliably deliver brand experiences that are easy, effective, and resonate emotionally with current and future customers to increase customer loyalty over time.

Demonstrate The Impact Of CX

Partner with expert analysts to create a winning business case for your CX initiatives that demonstrates not only the benefits of CX but also measures the actual return on investment for your company and proves the business value.

Signature Research

Forrester has advised on customer experience for more than two decades. Put this expertise to work for you with analyst access and signature CX research such as:

  • CX Index methodology: Prove the impact of CX on financial results. Learn how the Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) measures CX quality and loyalty to help you prioritize specific experiences based on competitive factors and revenue likelihood.
  • Digital Experience Reviews: Industry evaluations of the functionality and usability of apps or websites help you identify best practices and drive growth through digital CX.
  • CX management maturity assessments: Identify where your organization is in terms of managing CX. Use the results to know where gaps exist in order to advance your maturity level.
  • The CX transformation playbook: Understand the steps necessary to enable lasting change across the enterprise at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced stages of a CX transformation.
  • The digital CX improvement playbook: Use the proven formula to discover, plan, act, and optimize programs to elevate your CX and deliver excellence day after day.
  • ROI models for CX transformation: Support your CX business case so that you gain budget and organizational support.

Time With Experts: Inquiry

Forrester analysts are past practitioners and experts in their field. Each analyst brings this unique knowledge and background to help you vet ideas, validate direction, and put research into practice. Each analyst inquiry includes:

  • 30-minute discussion
  • Personalized advice
  • Actionable next steps

Looking for more time with experts?
Strategic advice programs provide customized, hands-on analyst engagement to help you apply Forrester insights to your key initiatives through quarterly strategy sessions or execute on your CX transformational strategies through a specific consulting project.

I am constantly being inspired by the research Forrester produces —in my case, research to improve our ability to design and inspire customer experience.

Yvan Goupil
Head of customer and marketing insight, Virgin Money

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