Brand Experience

Consumer behavior and disruptors — (very) large and small — are remaking retail. The challenge is to catch up or fit in a way that affirms a distinctive brand — to not lose “you” in the pursuit of strategy.

With fewer opportunities for product differentiation and the limited effectiveness of loyalty, delivering a brand experience that wins hearts, minds, and spend looms as the central challenge.

Make customer experience the best expression of your brand promise.
Make customer experience the best expression of your brand promise.

Physical-Digital Harmony

Brick and mortar retailers have a digital presence, and increasingly, digital natives are creating a physical presence. Customers will traverse across digital and physical with the expectation of a graceful, harmonious retail experience. Whether it’s real-time inventory transparency, intraday fulfillment, or order ahead, customers will reward harmony and punish a disconnected experience.

Lifestyle CX

Intelligent agents are a good place to assess lifestyle experiences. The agent acts on customer-fed and retailer-influenced preferences that activate a purchase journey through a simple conversation. Well beyond digital discovery and showrooming, these new buying motions will force new strategies and capabilities.

Digital Performance

Digital is central to retailer performance — it also can be a place where copycat functionality runs amok. Sites that look the same, have similar coarse recommendation engines, and are supported by common payments systems can sterilize your digital experience. What exactly do you want digital to do that separates you from the pack — and can that translate to sales?

Making Payments A Moment

Payments will become the invisible, valuable part of retail. Digital will push to frictionless payments; in-store will ultimately use different AI schemes to identify the customer and process the purchase, removing checkout lines that do little to create value. Beyond reducing the cost of payments, what can retailers do to make payments a positive retail experience?

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