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Conduct A Sales Activity Study To Uncover Efficiency Roadblocks

Organizations invest heavily in technology and training to enable sales productivity. Even so, maximizing productivity can be an elusive goal. Our research has shown that sales reps spend more time on non-core selling tasks such as writing expense reports and travel planning than engaging with clients and prospects.

A sales activity study can be your first step toward a more productive sales organization. These studies use our field-tested methodology to understand how sales reps spend their time and identify paths to greater efficiency. Download our study overview to learn about the benefits and outputs of a sales activity study, which include:

  • A complete view into where sales reps spend their time and why.
  • An analysis of your organization’s results and recommendations for meaningful changes.
  • A comparison of your metrics against a set of peer organizations.


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For clearer insight into your sales team’s productivity, review our Relative Productivity Framework.