CX SF 2019

October 17 – 18  |  San Francisco Marriott Marquis

John Whalen

Founder & Lead, Psychological Insights And Innovation Practice, Brilliant Experience

John Whalen is the founder and lead of the Psychological Insights and Innovation Practice at Brilliant Experience.  He is an international speaker and author of the recently published book: Designing for How People Think: Using Brain Science to Build Better Products (O’Reilly).  John helps company leaders understand “the why” underlying their customers needs and behavior so that they can make informed strategic decisions about future products, services and marketing. He has a PhD in Cognitive Science and 15+ years of experience working in user research and product innovation with Fortune 500 companies including Google, PayPal, Bloomberg, eBay, Cisco, Capital One, and Johns Hopkins.

Little known fun filled facts:

He’s a green-eyed, left-handed Psychology PhD, making him (statistically at least) 1-in-a-million.
He’s camped North of the Arctic Circle on 12 feet of ice.