Rob Tarkoff

Executive Vice President and General Manager, CX Cloud, Oracle

Rob joined Oracle in 2018 as EVP, leading CX Cloud product and strategy across marketing, sales, commerce, and service. His goal is to build products that help companies succeed in the Experience Economy. In this new paradigm, the customer experience is paramount; inseparable from the value of the good or services a company provides. And at its helm are today’s consumers, driving innovation and pushing the boundaries.

Rob spent the last 15 years focused on the customer experience, developing products for both large and early-stage companies. Most recently, as President and CEO of Lithium Technologies, Rob created the leading software in online communities. Prior to that, he ran the Digital Enterprise business for Adobe. Rob brings an outside-in perspective to Oracle and to each project, realizing that the way we and our customers work is rapidly changing, pushing us to adapt and transform in ways we never even imagined.