Align Your Technology Architecture With Business Goals

Download the e-book to learn how technology architecture and delivery teams can keep pace with business goals and focus on outcomes.

Have your tech teams prioritized technology architecture methodology over delivering customer and employee value? If so, you may be missing the chance to power business growth with a different technology architecture strategy.

As more tech leaders focus their firms on powering growth, technology architecture that improves customer and employee experiences becomes a driver of business value, not just a technology service deliverer.

Read this e-book to learn how technology architecture and delivery leaders can power business outcomes by aligning their strategy and actions with growth and revenue goals.

It provides the models that enterprise architecture (EA) and development teams can use to connect their technical work to business outcomes. It also shows how infrastructure teams can create exceptional customer and employee experiences with network optimization.

Download this e-book to learn

  • Eight principles that define modern architecture practice.
  • Three strategies to move your EA organization toward an outcome-driven approach.
  • Four ways to optimize application development with a model for success.
  • Five essentials for a successful virtual network infrastructure.


What’s in it for you? 

  • How EA teams can adopt an outcome-driven architecture model to align projects, products, and services
  • Ways to use Forrester’s Modern Application Delivery (MAD) Model to enable successful development
  • Why business-optimized networks (BONs) are crucial for modernizing legacy networks


Power Growth By Aligning Technology Functions With The Business eBook

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