Discover The Top 10 Emerging Technologies

Watch this on-demand webinar to see which emerging technologies made our list — and which didn’t.

You’ve heard the hype. Now it’s time to get a reality check on the emerging technologies that our research says offer tangible real-world benefits. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how we narrowed 400 technologies down to 75, then 20, and finally arrived at the 10 top emerging solutions worth your time and attention — with a breakdown by industry. 

Learn how Forrester’s benefit horizon framework helps categorize these technologies so you can decide how to prioritize your investments based on their maturity. 

This research-led insight is a game-changer for technology leaders looking for guidance on where and when to invest in emerging technology.  

What’s in it for you? 

  • Three technologies with the biggest near term impact
  • Four technologies that need a few more years
  • Three technologies that may be disruptive in the long term
  • Frameworks to help make smarter investments in these technologies

Featured Analyst

Brian Hopkins

VP, Emerging Tech Portfolio

Brian’s research helps clients drive innovation through emerging technology to get ahead of trends and become leaders in their markets. His thought leadership also assists CIOs in maximizing the returns on their investments and future-proofing their business against the accelerating pace of change. He is routinely covered in major trade journals, such as the Wall Street Journal,, and ZDNet, where his ideas challenge technology leaders to think differently to get better results. His coverage of technologies includes edge computing, edge intelligence, quantum computing, insight and big data platforms, and systems of insight. He is a contributing author to the insights-driven business playbook and the IT transformation playbook. Finally, he leads Forrester’s annual top emerging technologies and top technology trends reports, making him the first touchpoint for firms looking to get ahead with new technology.

Complete to view this on-demand webinar.

Watch the on-demand now.

Complete to view this on-demand webinar.

Watch the on-demand now.