Patrick Hebron

Experience Design Manager, Machine Intelligence, Adobe

Patrick Hebron is a designer, software developer, teacher and author. His work explores the intersection of machine learning, design tools, programming languages and operating systems and has specifically focused on the development of machine-learning-enhanced digital design tools.

He leads the Machine Intelligence Design team within Adobe Design, focusing on the design of new interfaces and interaction mechanisms for AI/ML functionality in Adobe’s creative tools.

He is the author of “Machine Learning for Designers,” published by O’Reilly Media as well as articles including “Rethinking Design Tools in the Age of Machine Learning” and “A Unified Tool for the Education of Humans and Machines.”

He has also worked as an Adjunct Graduate Professor and Scientist-in-Residence at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, where he has taught courses on machine learning, digital toolmaking, evolutionary computation and graphics programming. He also helped to lead research groups related to machine learning and storytelling through emerging media. Before joining Adobe, Patrick worked as a software developer and design consultant for numerous corporate and cultural institution clients. 


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Machine Learning for Designers 
Rethinking Design Tools in the Age of Machine Learning 
A Unified Tool for the Education of Humans and Machines