Introducing The New FeedbackNow

Welcome to the next generation of customer experience. It’s real-time, data-driven, and actionable. It delivers the business results you need. This cloud-based platform allows stakeholders across the organization to monitor and improve CX in real time while breaking down the long-standing division between digital and physical experiences.

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The Power Of “Now” CX

The value of real-time CX: differentiation, growth, and better retention. Learn more about the next frontier of CX and why Forrester developed FeedbackNow 2.0.

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Will CEOs Honor Their Pledge? Here Are Five Ways Corporations Could Keep Their Commitments

Leaders of the largest U.S. companies have vowed to redefine the role of business in society. Putting the words into action will require taking a long, hard look at current practices and planning meaningful but difficult steps.

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Google, Facebook, And Amazon: From Advertising Duopoly To Triopoly

Google and Facebook have long dominated the digital advertising landscape. Now, Amazon has staked its claim. What could this mean for the ad industry and for marketers?

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Courage Required: The CIO’s Role In Building An Adaptive Enterprise

The benefits of becoming a more adaptive enterprise are many — but so are the roadblocks. In this episode of What It Means, VP and Research Director Pascal Matzke outlines the work CIOs must do to foster a truly adaptive enterprise.

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The Future Of Work

Forrester thought leaders discuss future-of-work strategies that are tangible, measurable, and tested.

Five Steps To Zero Trust Security

How to achieve and maintain Zero Trust.

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