Brand + CX: Marketing’s New Imperative

Increasingly empowered and selective consumers are rewriting the rules of marketing. What do they expect from brands — and how can you win their loyalty? Read our guide to better understand the forces reshaping marketing and how to thrive in this challenging landscape.

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How To Derisk Your Commerce Replatform

Viewing your new eCommerce platform as a container to lift and shift legacy customizations is a mistake. Analyst Joe Cicman provides best practices.
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The Three Ways Companies Value Customer Success Programs

What kind (or kinds) of value does your company's customer success program deliver to the business at large?
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How To Fight Bias In Machine-Learning-Based Experiences

AI is not a black box and AI developers must learn to accept and deal with bias. Analyst Andrew Hogan gets some insights on AI and ethics from Carol Smith of Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute.
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Employee Experience Bill Of Rights

The specter of automation-driven job loss has made employees anxious and resistant to change. Principal Analyst J. P. Gownder joins to explain how an employee experience (EX) “bill of rights” can allay fears and boost morale by: 1) cementing what employees can expect and 2) ensuring that automation won’t cost your firm its valuable talent.
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Webinar: How To Prove The ROI Of CX

Learn more about the ROI of CX and CX measurement 

The CIO In 2020: A Window Of Opportunity

The IT leader’s guide to capitalizing on uncertain times.

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