Fact-based research. Objective advice.

Integrity is a core value at Forrester. Our success — and our client’s success — depends on the independence and objectivity of our research. We help our clients perform at their very best by serving as a neutral party that both providers and buyers can trust. We provide honest, fair, data-informed, and quality research. Our opinions can’t be bought.

For more than 40 years, Forrester has provided independent research by:

  • Establishing rigorous policies. Forrester’s policies create an environment where clients and vendors cannot wield influence on our research. We’ve adopted rigorous best practices to ensure objectivity. Client companies cannot purchase research coverage or favorable opinions.
  • Making bold calls. Our independence allows us to produce research and analysis that express our opinions and make bold calls. Forrester’s research agenda, evaluations, and conclusions are solely under our control.
  • Applying data-driven insights. We utilize a wide range of both qualitative and quantitative data, including Forrester’s proprietary data, to inform our research and findings.
  • Employing structured methodologies. We adhere to rigorous, unbiased research methodologies that are transparent and publicly available. These methodologies ensure consistent research quality across markets, technologies, and geographies.


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For questions about our policies or to report a concern, please contact us at compliance@forrester.com.