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Announcing Forrester’s Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award

Stephanie Balaouras May 1, 2024
We have opened the call for our annual Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award. This award recognizes organizations that have transformed the security, privacy, and risk management functions into capabilities that fuel long-term success. Learn more about the award and how to apply.

What Makes Journey-Centric Companies Different

What It Means 6 days ago
Journey centricity can help companies boost their revenue, reduce costs, and build better experiences for customers and employees. What defines a journey-centric company, and what does it take to become one? Vice President and Principal Analyst Joana de Quintanilha explains on this week’s episode of What It Means.

GenAI Just Got A Little Less Opaque

Brandon Purcell 6 days ago
Learn why a new paper from AI startup Anthropic brings up a broader conversation about the value of AI explainability.

Capture & Prove Marketing’s True Value Beyond Sourcing Metrics

Download our measurement toolkit to discover demand performance indicators and metrics to reveal marketing’s real business impact across complex buyer journeys.


Could It Be You? Share Your Success Story For Our B2B Summit EMEA Awards

Simon Daniels May 20, 2024
EMEA B2B companies with success stories in cross-functional alignment or best-practice program implementations within a single function should learn more about Forrester’s B2B Summit EMEA Awards and prepare a submission.

Navigating The Regulatory Maze: Enhancing Customer Experience In Finance And Healthcare

Arielle Trzcinski May 20, 2024
No regulation was designed to ruin the customer experience, yet poor experiences in regulated industries abound. At CX Summit North America, we'll explore how leading organizations are navigating these challenges.

IBM Surrenders SIEM While PANW Tries To Gain Ground On Tech Titans

Allie Mellen May 16, 2024
Find out what Palo Alto Networks' acquisition of IBM’s QRadar business means for the broader security information and event management SIEM market.

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356: Enabling Frontline Employees Through Technology And Process Innovations

The CX Cast 8 hours ago
Frontline workers have an obvious role in the customer experience, but frontline work has changed a lot in the last five years. VP, Principal Analyst J. P. Gownder discusses the headwinds frontline workers face and the role that leaders need to embrace to be forward-thinking in how they drive effectiveness.

Recapping This Year’s InCyber Forum

Madelein van der Hout 9 hours ago
AI and European cybersecurity regulations were among the hottest topics at the recent InCyber Forum in Lille, France. Get more detail on the key trends in this event review.

Separate Generative AI Fact From Fiction

Want to realize the true potential of generative AI? Discover what it can (and can't) do for you. Explore our generative AI insights to guide your journey and your choices.


Cloud Detection And Response Tools Do Not Exist

Allie Mellen 10 hours ago
Cloud detection and response is not a market category — it is a feature of existing cloud tools. Learn more in this preview of a new report.

The Future Is Now: TuringBots Will Collapse The Software Development Lifecycle Silos

Diego Lo Giudice 13 hours ago
Thanks to TuringBots (AI and generative AI for software development), software development is on the cusp of a transformative change, one that promises to redefine the way development teams collaborate, create, and deploy applications. Picture this: a room full of product owners, subject matter experts, testers, and developers, all working in harmony with the aid […]

Promise-Keeping Is Key To Building Customer Trust

Shari Srebnick 4 days ago
As B2B professionals, we often think that we’re aligned, but we design processes from our own internal perspectives, overlooking how this will impact the customer experience. This erodes trust.

Im Juni: Forrester stellt die wichtigsten 10 Emerging Technologies für 2024 vor

Brian Hopkins 24 Mai 2024
Wir haben unsere Auswahl abgeschlossen. (Und ja, die überwältigende Welle von KI-Technologien hat unseren Auswahlprozess beeinflusst). Erfahren Sie, was sich in diesem Jahr in unserer Analyse geändert hat und was Sie erwarten können.

Announcing The Enterprise Architecture Management Suites Landscape, Q2 2024

Stéphane Vanrechem 4 days ago
Enterprise Architecture Management Suites Are An Architect’s Ally Enterprise architecture management suites (EAMSes) are fundamental to running a successful architecture practice. EAMS tools are being used to help architecture teams manage architecture risk, reduce cost, and support organizations in proactively managing their technical debt. AI use cases are flourishing in this market, freeing up architects’ […]

60% Of Skeptics Will Use (And Love!) GenAI

Surprised? Download Forrester’s 2024 Predictions guide to see why progress will be driven by exploration — and 14 other global predictions on AI, privacy, B2B buyers, hybrid work, and more.


Frenemies Forever — The Tension Between CRM And CCaaS Vendors

Max Ball 5 days ago
There was a time when automatic call distributor (ACD) systems and customer relationship management (CRM) systems did very different things, with some integration but no real overlap. In the support world, CRM systems managed tickets and customer details, while ACD systems connected callers to agents and managed interactions. In the 1990s, the concept of a […]

AI, Platforms, And Big Promises: What We Saw At Red Hat Summit

Lee Sustar 5 days ago
IT platform teams are being pushed to deliver more and are eager for new solutions. Find out what solutions the 6,000 attendees at the Red Hat Summit in Denver got in early May in this review of the event.

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Cybersecurity Risk Ratings Platforms, Q2 2024

Cody Scott 6 days ago
The cyber risk ratings kitchen is heating up and our new Wave report gives insight into the 10 vendors that matter most. Get a preview here.

Le EU Data Act – Quelles conséquences pour vous et votre entreprise ?

Martha Bennett 22 May 2024
Découvrez ce que cette loi signifie pour votre organisation et obtenez sept conseils sur la marche à suivre.

VivaTech & The New French Tech Next40/120: When AI Meets Green Tech

Thomas Husson 7 days ago
Paris will be the center of innovation and technology this week. Get a unique preview of the 2024 edition of the VivaTech conference in Paris.

Technology Architecture As A Business Growth Driver?

Download our guide to learn how to power your business outcomes this year by aligning your tech strategy and actions with growth and revenue goals.


Our New Conversational AI Forrester Wave™: GenAI And LLMs Drive A Vendor Revolution

Max Ball May 21, 2024
Let me start by stating the obvious: Automation has its best home in the contact center. At many brands, agents make up 10% of the workforce. They are the face of your brand to your customers, providing critical empathy and solving important problems. Agents also spend a lot of time performing rote tasks for customers […]

“Interconnectedness Of Global Business Systems” Debuts On The List Of The Top Systemic Risks Of 2024

Alla Valente May 21, 2024
Systemic risk events may be outside your control but how you respond is up to you. Learn the top systemic risks of 2024 in this preview of a new report.

Federated Delivery — How Roche Massively Scales Integration

David Mooter May 21, 2024
As integrations and APIs scale, the traditional central integration delivery team quickly becomes the central bottleneck team. Overwhelmed by demand, it becomes overworked while the pace and scale of delivery slows for IT organizations dependent on it. Tech debt also increases: To work around the bottleneck, development teams may leverage their own integration products or […]

Real Talk With Ecosystem Partners: GTM Evolution

Hannibal Scipio, II May 21, 2024
Early in my career, I received wise but tough coaching from a manager regarding struggles with a new colleague on a strategic project: Pull them aside and have a real, candid conversation with the pursuit of clarity and understanding for the sake of the shared vision and mutual success. The “real talk” that my colleague […]

Go Alone To Go Quickly And Fail, Or Go Together To Go Far And Succeed

Carlos Rivera May 21, 2024
Learn three areas where enterprise architecture and security architecture collaboration matter most in protecting the trust that organizations hold with customers.

Fuel Growth With Strong Marketing-Sales Alignment

Download our alignment handbook to thrive in a complex buyer landscape with teams, processes, and objectives aligned across the customer lifecycle.


Global Retail E-Commerce Sales Will Reach $6.8 Trillion By 2028

Jitender Miglani May 21, 2024
Forrester’s Global Retail E-Commerce Forecast, 2024 To 2028 report provides a five-year forecast of online and offline retail sales for 40 countries.

355: CX At Majid Al Futtaim

The CX Cast May 21, 2024
Emirati holding company Majid al Futtaim won Forrester’s first-ever Customer Obsession Enterprise Award in 2023. Grégoire Charpe-Civatte, VP of CX and Innovation, joins the CX Cast this week to discuss how the CX team embeds CX into the firm’s strategy and drives action across the organization.  Featuring: Grégoire Charpe-Civatte, VP of CX and Innovation at […]

InfoSec 2024: Balancing Opportunity Against Risks

Madelein van der Hout May 21, 2024
Learn about a special event Forrester will be hosting at Infosecurity Europe 2024 which will provide insight into the unique cybersecurity challenges facing European businesses and help security leaders tailor their security strategies accordingly.
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