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Social Media Plays A Bigger Role In Commerce Than Just Buying

Jessica Liu January 19, 2022
Social media can't serve advertisers well as a standalone commerce channel. Instead, treat it as a key driver in the discover and explore stages of the customer journey.

Tech Trends To Watch In 2022

What It Means 1 day ago
Forrester analysts provide their 2022 predictions for AI, automation, cloud, and internet of things (IoT) in this special edition of What It Means.

In The Future, Will You Really Need A CRM?

Seth Marrs 3 days ago
Just a small fraction of sellers use CRM stages to manage deals. So why do companies continue to pay so much for tools that go unused?

Innovate To Differentiate

Learn the four core competencies that a future fit technology strategy is built upon in this new guide.


Proposed Surveillance Advertising Ban, Meet Contextual Targeting

Stephanie Liu 6 days ago
A proposed US law banning surveillance advertising emphasizes that marketers need to invest in contextual advertising, zero-party data, and other less invasive ways to gain audience insights.

The Future Of Healthcare

Daniel Hong January 21, 2022
Healthcare is going to see some dramatic change in the decade ahead. Find out which areas are most likely to be impacted and what leaders can do to set their healthcare organizations up for success.

Netflix Saturation Nears, With No Dearth Of Original Content To Binge

Mike Proulx January 20, 2022
We break down what the streaming giant's customer (re)acquisition woes and recent price hike reveal about the state of the streaming market.

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Jump-Start Your 2022 Marketing Measurement Strategy With A Focus On Precise And Actionable Insights

Tina Moffett 15 hours ago
Brands have experienced massive business disruption because of the pandemic, shifts in consumer behaviors, changes to the advertising and data ecosystems, and rising concerns around privacy. Based on these systemic shifts in marketing and our marketing measurement research on data deprecation and marketing spend investments, in 2022, you should: Increase attention on omnichannel media measurement […]

AIOps: The Riddle Wrapped In The Mystery Inside The Enigma

Carlos Casanova 20 hours ago
It didn’t take long into my tenure with Forrester to realize that there was confusion in the industry regarding AIOps. I touched on this in my “meet your new analyst” blog. Both technology vendors and industry companies openly asked me what the term meant, because they are hearing many variations. They gave me examples of […]

Six Trends That Will Define B2B Marketing In 2022

Explore our Planning Assumptions guide for marketing executives and functional leaders and learn how to harness disruptive forces to drive growth.


Medallia + Thunderhead Is A Boost For Brands On The VoC Maturity Journey

Colleen Fazio 2 days ago
Customer feedback management (CFM) vendor Medallia’s announcement of its intention to acquire customer journey orchestration (CJO) vendor Thunderhead is an expected response to the Qualtrics acquisition of Usermind last year. As my colleague Joana de Quintanilha writes in her blog, customer journey orchestration platforms have been a hot commodity of late. The acquisitions of Usermind […]

Marketers Must Mind The Customer Journey Orchestration Gap

Rusty Warner 2 days ago
Marketers — and especially martech vendors — talk a lot about customer journeys and experiences, but they usually mean just the purchase journey as opposed to the entire customer lifecycle. Customer journey orchestration (CJO) platforms enable a more holistic view, and marketers should pay more attention to these adjacent capabilities. As my colleague Joana de […]

Customer Journey Orchestration Platforms Are The Catch Of The Day

Joana de Quintanilha 2 days ago
Customer feedback management vendor Medallia’s announcement of its intention to acquire customer journey orchestration (CJO) vendor Thunderhead is the fourth acquisition in the customer journey orchestration space in six months. First, CSG acquired Kitewheel, followed less than a week later by Qualtrics’ acquisition of both Usermind and Clarabridge. And in October, Genesys announced its acquisition […]

The Future Of CRM: A Forrester Perspective

Kate Leggett 2 days ago
CRM strengthens customer relationships, drives company revenue, and as such becomes a C-level priority. CRM technology expands into adjacent tech areas as it broadens its mandate. It bleeds into the mid-office, encroaches on core contact center operations, and supports core employee workflows. Insights from CRM uplevel customer and employee engagement, driving operational excellence.

Google Is Still In The Driver’s Seat With Topics, Its More Transparent FLoC Replacement

Joanna O'Connell 3 days ago
Google announced on Monday the arrival of Topics, a tracking system replacement for its Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) approach. Google put the original proposal on hold after it drew industry criticism for being open to questionable workarounds and raising privacy red flags. What’s The Difference Between Topics And FLoC? Topics is a pared-back version of […]

The Six Elements Of A Meaningful Marketing Plan

Without the right inputs, a marketing annual plan may simply be a list of tactics. Learn how to build a plan that drives business value.


Prepare Your Organization For Purpose-Driven And Value-Aligned Co-Innovation Partnerships

Achim Granzen 3 days ago
As part of a future fit technology strategy, technology leaders must aspire to create an environment where internal teams can collaborate with partners to realize the value the organization is after. I outlined the basic steps in my previous blog post, Take The Leap To Form Creative Partnerships And Scale Innovation. But guardrails must be […]

Three Reasons Why A Multi-CMS Approach May Be Right For Your Brand

Nick Barber 4 days ago
In the midst of tech consolidation, brands must think strategically about their CMS Portfolio. Some smart brands are realizing that a multi-CMS strategy can actually improve agility, flexibility, and speed to market.

The Definition Of Modern Zero Trust

David Holmes 4 days ago
At the beginning of 2022, Zero Trust faces a bizarre dichotomy; it’s on the verge of becoming the de facto cybersecurity approach while simultaneously having many security practitioners decry it as “just a marketing ploy.” How did we, as the security community, arrive at such a precarious perch? Part of the problem, according to John […]

Five Forrester Wave™ Evaluations Set The Stage For A Marketing Services Reset

Keith Johnston 4 days ago
Leonardo da Vinci said, “To develop a complete mind, study the science of art. Study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” This couldn’t be more profound in an era of marketing, advertising, and digital experience, where the distinction between a brand’s promise, how it’s communicated, and […]

Presenting The First Forrester Wave™ Evaluation On Public Cloud Container Platforms

Lee Sustar 4 days ago
The Forrester Public Cloud Container Platform Wave results are in -- the standouts offer the broadest automation and ecosystems while embracing open source software.

See the future and gain a competitive advantage for 2022

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What Peloton Forecasts Got Wrong

Anjali Lai 6 days ago
Yesterday, Peloton announced that it is temporarily halting production of its connected fitness products in the face of waning consumer demand. The surge of explosive growth in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic — to the point that product delivery barely kept pace with the influx of purchase orders — established the company as […]

Four Ways To Leverage Your Entire TEI Study (For The Vendor Sales Leader)

Veronica Iles 7 days ago
Since the TEI study reflects the real, measurable impact of a technology investment, we do not quantify (for the ROI calculation) any benefits that the customers themselves have not measured. Nevertheless, it’s important to consider the abstract, and that’s why we have the Unquantified Benefits section.

Is Performance Management Broken?

Betsy Summers January 21, 2022
Outdated and disconnected performance management programs are increasingly causing damage to employee and organization success, but some organizations are turning to continuous performance development (CPD) programs that are proving successful in solving these problems.

Avoid An Open Source Security Nightmare

Andrew Cornwall January 20, 2022
We’ve had a few high-profile security problems with open source software. A disgruntled developer recently delivered intentionally modified releases of his faker.js and colors.js packages, which broke “thousands of projects” that relied on them. Some are wondering if it’s safe to use open source software at all. The White House certainly is — they’ve asked […]

Sales Leaders’ Guide To Rolling Out Compensation Plans At Kickoff

Phil Harrell January 20, 2022
Compensation plans that motivate sellers to accomplish corporate objectives are invaluable to sales growth. How sales leaders roll out compensation plans to their sales teams is crucial to gaining buy-in to the plan. Successful rollouts have three key attributes: Transparency Alignment Stakeholder buy-in It is up to the CSO/CRO to communicate the plan and ensure […]

Predictions 2022 Live

Chart a bold path to success in 2022. Hear our predictions for the year ahead.


The 10 Best Ways To Spend Your B2B Paid Media Budget In 2022

John Arnold January 20, 2022
Looking to capitalize on advertising budget increases? Here's how to help your spend go farther.

Have Courage: You’re Going To Need It To Run B2B Paid Media

John Arnold January 20, 2022
B2B paid media professionals are in for a roller coaster ride over the next three to five years. Principal Analyst John Arnold explains in a new report on the future of B2B advertising.

Predictions 2022: The Future Of Work Has Arrived. Now What?

What It Means January 20, 2022
The future of work became unexpectedly real during the pandemic. Find out how work will evolve in 2022, as VPs James McQuivey and J. P. Gownder dig into our 2022 predictions for the future of work.
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