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Key Takeaways From Health Insurers’ Q2 Earnings Calls: What We Can Learn About The Future Of Healthcare

Natalie Schibell August 2, 2022
Health insurers' recent earning calls reveal where the healthcare industry is headed. Learn health insurers' top trends and priorities.

What COVID-Related Absenteeism Has Taught Us About Workforce Planning

What It Means 20 hours ago
COVID-related absenteeism continues to cause challenges across industries and business functions. In this episode, VP, Research Director James McQuivey and VP, Principal Analyst J. P. Gownder highlight some key learnings for workforce planning.

US Banking CX In 2022: Who Does It Well And Why It Matters

Alyson Clarke 2 days ago
For a large multichannel bank, a 1-point improvement in its CX Index™ score can lead to an incremental $123 million in revenue. For a direct bank, it can lead to an incremental $92 million in revenue. Discover the results of the 2022 CX Index™ for US banks.

Starting Your Annual Marketing Planning? What You Need To Know

Learn a step-by-step method for building a B2B marketing plan that delivers for the business. Join us for a complimentary webinar.


The US Is Spending Nearly Half Of A Trillion Dollars On Climate And Infrastructure, Seeding The Green Market Revolution

Amy DeMartine 3 days ago
Forrester's research team reviews the major business implications of the Inflation Reduction Act.

The Forrester Enterprise Architecture Award Finalists For North America

Charles Betz 7 days ago
Learn how the three finalists for Forrester’s Enterprise Architecture Award for North America drive their EA strategy and its impacts.

The US Pipeline Industry Catches A Break, But Now Is Not The Time To Be Complacent

Brian Wrozek August 11, 2022
The Transportation Security Administration's relaxing of rules based on industry feedback is welcome. Yet the days of nonexistent or voluntary cybersecurity regulations for critical infrastructure are ending.

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Amazon Plans To Acquire One Medical In Big Tech’s Latest Bet On Healthcare

Natalie Schibell 18 mins ago
Amazon's plan to acquire One Medical will disrupt the healthcare industry, forcing healthcare players to improve their patient experience and retail giants to follow in its path. This blog explores what Amazon's acquisition of One Medical will mean for the healthcare industry and what Amazon must do to make their healthcare business successful.

Vulnerability Programs Must Regain Trust To Inspire Action

Erik Nost 1 day ago
Is using CVSS scores for risk prioritization leading to misalignment and even mistrust in your organization? Find out in this Security & Risk event session preview.

Unlock The Full Potential Of Your B2B Marketing Organization

Discover why an ecosystem approach to running a marketing organization is essential to success.


Five Reasons To Buy A Service Before A Product

Jeff Pollard 1 day ago
Products versus services. For many years, every purchase made by security and tech leaders fell into one of these categories. The same tribes existed for vendors: product and service. In this context, we define security services as “managed security services,” not consulting. In contrast to security services, security pros typically use consulting services for three […]

Forrester To Launch The Frontline Service Worker Automation Series

Craig Le Clair 2 days ago
We published our report Automation Can Solve The Service Worker Shortage in May 2022. This research defined 11 categories of automation that will most effect frontline service workers. We then ranked the categories based on likely adoption and how ready the required technology is. Client readership was strong, but they asked that we dig a […]

This Back-To-School Season, Learn To Evolve Your Loyalty Strategy

Mary Pilecki 2 days ago
Despite the heat wave across the United States, summer is quickly coming to a close. In just a few weeks, kids around the globe will be back in the classroom for a new year of learning. Loyalty marketers, you might consider joining them! Since early 2020, concerns for health and safety, supply chain issues, and […]

Perspectives From Black Hat 2022

Erik Nost 2 days ago
Thousands of security practitioners, vendors, and researchers from 111 different countries packed the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas last week for the first in-person Black Hat since 2019. Since the 2019 Black Hat, new technologies and security providers have increased, but so have threats, actors, and social/political/economic concerns. This year’s high attendance demonstrated […]

Value For Customers: A 60-Second Look At The Top 11 Driver Categories

Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian 2 days ago
Watch this 60-second video to learn the key drivers of value for customers.

Orchestrate Your B2B Marketing Organization For Success

Learn how to align teams, workflows, and tools for optimal results.


Three Reasons Why Portfolio Marketers Should Attend Forrester’s B2B Summit EMEA

Paul Ferron 3 days ago
After two long years of virtual, we are getting ready to deliver Forrester’s B2B Summit EMEA in a hybrid format. It will be exciting to join hundreds of customers on October 11–12, 2022, as we uncover endless possibilities to drive measurable impact. Below are the three key reasons and supporting sessions that portfolio marketers should […]

Find Your Rhythm In The Nashville Labor Market

Christopher Gilchrist August 11, 2022
The tech labor landscape is becoming increasingly nuanced; various economic factors such as cost of living, anywhere work, and preexisting labor clusters within metropolitan areas are contributing to current labor headwinds. Tech execs who continue to rely on traditional tech talent pipelines will increasingly see diminishing returns as talent adopts greater geographic mobility and requires […]

The Agency Landscape Converges On Frictionless Partner Models

Jay Pattisall August 11, 2022
As CMOs turn to a frictionless marketing partner models Forrester evaluates the 10 top providers of integrated marketing.

The Case For Modernizing Your Operational Platforms

What It Means August 11, 2022
If aligning your operational platforms with your customer-facing platforms is way down on your IT roadmap, you might want to move it up. Hear VPs Linda Ivy-Rosser and Liz Herbert explain why in this episode.

Explore Seven Pitfalls To Avoid In Your Push To Modernize Cloud

Hear analyst advice on modernizing your cloud with less risk and fewer missteps.

Is Your Data Ready For AI?

Learn the 8 phases of shifting to an AI-first data strategy.  


The Ever-Expanding Reach Of India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI)

Pushpa Marwal August 10, 2022
India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) continues to grow at a breakneck pace. As per a recent news article, this year’s transaction volume and value have virtually doubled compared to the previous year, rising 99% in volume and 90% in value. In some ways, UPI has transformed India’s digital economy and has accelerated the country’s transition […]

Three Mindflaying Facts About AI For B2B Marketers

Jessie Johnson August 10, 2022
Artificial intelligence has fundamentally changed our ability to understand and empower our audiences, whether customer or employee. Discover three ways B2B marketers are leveraging AI now.

Performance Marketing Is Underperforming

Nikhil Lai August 10, 2022
Every advertising channel now parades as “performance” to appear accountable to outcomes. This dilution, along with three trends, is causing performance marketing’s underperformance.

MAD Services — The Best Of The Best

Diego Lo Giudice August 10, 2022
ALM Is Dead — Long Live MAD In the last 10–15 years, a lot has happened in the application development market; in my opinion, the advent of agile has been a bigger disruptor than what many might think, and still is. Many struggle to succeed with agile, especially in trying to adopt more agile, not […]

Geopolitics And Trade-Offs: East Meets West In APAC’s Public Cloud

Sam Higgins August 9, 2022
Asia Pacific (APAC) is a vast region with enormous diversity in climate, topography, history, culture, ethnicity, and political and economic development. At $30.9 trillion, the region makes up nearly 40% of the world’s GDP and is now covered by the world’s largest free trade agreement with a market 2.5 times larger than that of the […]

Drive Engagement With Your Digital Experiences

A five-step breakdown of how to get customers to embrace new digital experiences.


What The Massive US CHIPS Act Means To You

Glenn O'Donnell August 9, 2022
President Biden just signed the CHIPS for America Act into law as part of a larger $280 billion CHIPS and Science Act appropriation. This “CHIPS Act” allocates $54.2 billion in funding to support US domestic technology innovation, primarily aimed at the semiconductor industry. Much of the lobbying that brought this act to reality is focused […]

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: B2B Advertising Solutions, Q3 2022

John Arnold August 9, 2022
In our 28-criterion evaluation of B2B advertising solution providers, we identified the 14 most significant ones — 6sense, AdDaptive Intelligence, Adobe, Demandbase, Influ2, Jabmo, LinkedIn, Madison Logic, Marin Software, Metadata, RollWorks, StackAdapt, Terminus, and The Trade Desk

Join Me At Forrester’s Tech Leaders Summit 2022 Singapore To Learn About Building Successful Co-Innovation Partnerships

Achim Granzen August 8, 2022
I have previously written about co-innovation partnerships, outlining the basics here and sharing some key rules here. In this blog post, I would like to share some additional tips to get you started and invite you to learn more about building successful co-innovation partnerships at Forrester’s Tech Leaders Summit, August 18, 2022, in Singapore. Getting […]
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