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Helping You Create Superior Digital Experiences And Products

Melissa Parrish June 13, 2022
We guide B2C digital leaders toward new horizons of success with Forrester Decisions for Digital Business & Strategy. Learn how.

Why Are Brands Funding Misinformation?

What It Means 4 days ago
Marketers are accidentally funding misinformation and fueling the proliferation of dangerous falsehoods. In this episode of What It Means, Principal Analyst Kelsey Chickering discusses how marketers can protect their brand from this phenomenon.

COVID-Related Absenteeism Is Costing Your Business Money

J.P. Gownder 4 days ago
Many organizations are ill-equipped to manage the problem. Yet it's the sort of systemic risk that leaders need to be ready to face.

Adapt To B2B Buyers’ Changing Behaviours

Gain insights and learn to respond quickly in order to remain competitive and drive growth.


What’s New In EMEA Mobile Banking

Oliwia Berdak 5 days ago
Mobile banking apps are a crucial component of the overall banking experience. To identify mobile banking best practices, we reviewed the mobile apps of 13 EMEA banking brands in March and April of 2022 for both functionality and user experience.

Manage Your Martech, Or It Will Manage You

Joe Stanhope June 17, 2022
Your marketing strategy is DOA without the tech to back it up. That means CMOs can’t afford to take a passive approach to martech.

Time For A Digital Experience Transformation

Ted Schadler June 16, 2022
It’s time for a bigger, bolder approach to digital experiences that marshals the entire value of your company and ecosystems. Learn how to drive that forward.

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Lessons in B2B growth strategy that are literally out of this world 

Nicky Briggs 2 hours ago
I recently had the honor of taking on an exciting stretch project at Forrester, helping to create and launch our inaugural coverage of the spacetech sector. On paper this appeared to be quite a shift away from my regular day job covering Account-based marketing (ABM) in the B2B marketing practice. However, Space was my gateway […]

Three Ideas To Make Your Messaging A Hit With Buyers

Barry Vasudevan 2 days ago
Enticing plot, captivating characters, and spellbinding world-building are all examples of what may come to mind when thinking about what we love most in a good television show. These elements are carefully crafted by screenwriters in the writer’s room, who meet and brainstorm how to deliver the most engaging experience. B2B marketers could learn a thing or two from these writers, especially when it comes to building and enabling effective messaging. After all, isn’t the goal of messaging to reel in buyers, satiate their business needs, and provide them with a smooth and beneficial buying experience? The messaging process is complex, strategic, and intentional — just like screenwriting. While we will not dive into how to craft the next hit TV series, here are three ideas to help you develop effective messaging that’s a hit with your viewers (buyers).

The Insights Beat: This Summer, Take A Trip To Insights Capabilities Paradise

Aaron Katz 2 days ago
Summer is here, and you deserve a vacation. Whether you’re camping by the lake or snorkeling off the coast, you (likely) won’t be thinking about data, but this summer can still be a good opportunity to build your insights capabilities. In this edition of the Insights Beat, we will cannonball into the business insights team’s […]

Value Is In The Eye Of The Beholder — When It Comes To Tech’s Business Value

Phil Brunkard 2 days ago
There’s more to ensuring that technology enables business value than meets the eye. There is no single value proposition to communicating the value of technology to stakeholders. Each stakeholder perceives value differently. Value is in the eye of the beholder. You Think You “Deliver” Value To Business Stakeholders … But You Don’t Value for stakeholders […]

B2B Buyers And Digital Selling (Part 1): Self-Service, PLG, And Consumption Pricing

Rick Bradberry 3 days ago
Digital selling insights from buyers and B2B sales executives, covering self-service purchasing, product-led growth (PLG), e-commerce, and consumption-based pricing. Will they converge or remain distinct practices shaping the buying experience?

Sales Enablement Technology Decisions Just Got Easier: Introducing The Now Tech Report For 2022

Peter Ostrow 3 days ago
Sales enablement automation (SEA) solutions equip sellers with personalized training and content to effectively engage with and meet the expectations of increasingly digital-first buyers. Over the past decade, these solutions have evolved and empowered B2B revenue teams to: Optimize sales processes. Break down organizational silos. Shorten time-to-competency. Measure the impact of enablement programs. These technologies […]

Is Your Organization Ready To Democratize Its Automation Strategy With Citizen Process Expertise?

Bernhard Schaffrik 3 days ago
Runaway Automation Undermines Digital Transformation Success Automation is everywhere: In Forrester’s Q2 2021 Global Digital Process Automation Survey, 76% of respondents indicated they were driving toward end-to-end automation for most business processes. While we share this enthusiasm for automation, we have seen too many companies automate processes before they understand them. Organizations can solve — […]

Orchestrate Your B2B Marketing Organization For Success

Learn how to align teams, workflows, and tools for optimal results.


Design Solutions To Attract Female Investors

Vijay Raghavan 4 days ago
Women are investing in plain sight. But to look at the numbers, you would think that wealth managers can’t see them. Fewer than half of online women in the US are investors, compared to 60% of online men. Those who do invest also tend to have fewer and less varied investment products than men. To […]

If You Can Say It, You Can See It: Dall-E And You

William McKeon-White 4 days ago
Or, “How a natural language image generation AI used as a meme generator by social media may impact your business.” Welcome To The Future — It’s Got AI-Generated Art Let’s play a quick game. Which of the below images were made by an AI system generating images based on word prompts? Let’s pretend you guessed […]

Actionable Insights And Metrics That Unlock Channel Sales Growth

Stephanie Sissler 4 days ago
Importance Of Channel Sales Metrics Today, actionable insights are the backbone of channel sales organizations. Collecting the right data and transforming it into actionable insights enables channel sales leaders to spot risks, find opportunities for growth, and make smarter decisions. In other words, tracking the right metrics could mean the difference between hitting your channel […]

Starting Your Marketing Annual Planning? What You Need To Know

Learn what’s missing from your annual planning approach, with analyst insight into best practices for a marketing planning process to help you reach your goals.  

Get Stakeholders Excited About CX

Discover how to connect the dots of CX value to business goals and get stakeholders excited about its power and potential.

Design Better Chatbots

Here's how to create chatbots that customers will love.


Is The Sales Tech Party Over?

Anthony McPartlin 6 days ago
As the pandemic ramped up demand for tech to support new modes of interaction, billions of dollars of investment poured into sales tech startups. Now, a combination of macroeconomic and political factors is having a cooling effect.

Navigate The Data Pitfalls Of Connected Intelligence

Get get up to speed quickly on the fundamentals of connected intelligence and why it’s mission-critical to your data strategy.

VivaTech 2022: From The Metaverse Hype To Green Tech Solutions

Thomas Husson 6 days ago
Paris was the center of innovation and technology last week. The 2022 edition of VivaTech in Paris was a great success with more than 90,000 in-person visitors and 300,000 digital connections. It has become the largest technology and innovation event in Europe with CEOs, C-leaders, VCs, and startups attending from all over the world. If […]

Myths And Realities Of Channel Conflict: Evolving Partnership Dynamics Will Dissolve Channel Conflict Concerns

Michelle Beeson June 17, 2022
When discussing brands’ direct-to-consumer (DTC) digital strategies, I am often asked how brands are handling issues of channel conflict with retail partners. There are a few forerunners to my response: A brand’s DTC digital strategy is not just about direct transactional sales to consumers. All brands need a DTC digital strategy, which derives value beyond […]

Six Operational Tips Marketing Operations Leaders Can Leverage To Prepare For A Potential Recession

Laura Cross June 16, 2022
To prepare for a potential recession, B2B organizations will look to gain budget savings across marketing. Marketing leaders will look to identify realistic savings. Whether you’re preparing for a recession, trying to improve profitability, or implementing a growth strategy of improved productivity, marketing operations leaders can leverage the following six operational tips to help the […]

How To Prioritise Your Customer Experience Projects

Too many CX projects, not enough resources? Make better prioritisation decisions with Forrester's proven framework. Watch the on-demand webinar.


The Hyperscaler/GSI Relationship Has Forever Changed — Here’s How

Bill Martorelli June 16, 2022
By virtue of ever-increasing spending by enterprise customers, the cloud hyperscalers have been elevated to strategic partners of the first rank. This has forced many changes for enterprises and their global systems integrator (GSI) partners. Hyperscalers not only have earned a seat at the table but have gained significant influence on the behavior of their […]

The Customer Obsession Balancing Act For B2B Firms

What It Means June 16, 2022
B2B companies that center their strategies and operations on customers far outperform their less customer-focused peers. Still, when it comes to customer obsession, more isn’t always better. Analysts Amy Bills and Nick Buck explain on this week’s podcast why customer obsession means finding a balance.

Practice Empathy To Reduce Insider Risk

Joseph Blankenship June 15, 2022
Companies announcing layoffs need to pay attention to insider risk. Showing compassion and communicating openly can help.
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