The Counterintuitive CEO

Davos 2008 Part Four: India

January 30, 2008

All of the Indian outsourcers were there. Infosys’ lavish parties from year’s past have upped the ante — now all of the top Indian players are out in force. They have five worries: 1) the “tax holiday” that the Indian government bestowed on Indian IT companies will not be renewed in 2009, 2) the price of the rupee is too high, 3) the price of the dollar is too low, 4) U.S. recession, and 5) somehow, someway to get leverage. The ten year math on Tata/TCS, Wipro, Infosys and their smaller brethren doesn’t work. There aren’t enough smart, employable people to satisfy their current growth rates, and the planned growth of IBM, Accenture, and the captive players. They should go into the software business…


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