If you follow the research we produce here on Forrester’s Interactive Marketing team, you’ve likely noticed that we’ve been writing a lot more about mobile as of late. With more marketers planning on piloting mobile programs next year, and with consumer mobile Internet adoption on the rise, you can expect to see even more research into the topic in 2011. 

Here's what I'm currently planning on researching and writing about:

  • Mobile strategy. We'll look at what a comprehensive mobile strategy is, how to move from experimentation to true strategizing, and the essential elements that make mobile strategies successful.
  • Mobile measurement. We'll investigate the metrics marketers currently use to measure their mobile campaigns, emerging standards, and success benchmarks.
  • Vendors. There are so many vendors developing expertise in the mobile marketing space, falling into different categories, specializing in different technologies, and offering different kinds of engagement. We'll help you make sense of your options.
  • Operations. While every company is unique in the way it organizes and budgets for channels and programs, we'll be looking for common ground in the mobile space with a view toward helping you evlolve your IM efforts to support this growing channel.

And finally . . .

  • Case studies. Examples are key in all of our reports, and we're interested in doing even more targeted and extensive case studies of mobile success — so we want to hear all about yours! If you launched or are piloting a mobile program — it can be comprehensive or bite-sized, everything from just display or just search to a multi-mobile-touchpoint campaign — and want to tell us about it, we want to listen.  I'm particularly interested in knowing:
    • How you developed the program.
    • The metrics you planned on tracking and the metrics you were ultimately able to track.
    • How you managed the program.
    • What your goals were and how the program performed against them.
    • What you learned through the experience.

If you've got a story to share — or if you've seen a mobile campaign that you think I should pay attention to — please add a comment below, or contact me on Twitter,  and I'll follow up with you directly for all the details. 

And if there are additional mobile marketing topics that you'd like us to tackle, be sure to let us know about that too!