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Are You Using Apps Or The Web? Vote Here

September 26, 2011

Forrester believes that the world will move away from the Web toward App Internet — powerful local devices (like an iPad)  running programs that transparently link to resources in the cloud. My impressionistic view would support our thesis. As an example, I was recently with Susan Lyne, the CEO of online retailer Gilt. She told me that her customers were increasingly accessing her site via apps, and not the Web — because it was faster and offered a superior experience.

The last time Forrester surveyed tablet users (in January, 2011) we found that 16% were spending more time on apps, 39% were spending more time browsing, and 45% spend about the same amount of time browsing and using apps.

How about you? Apps or Web on your tablet? Click here, then vote in the right hand column below “About this blog.” After you vote, you’ll see the results of the vote to date. Thanks.


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