Although it seems like Forrester’s Forum For Customer Experience Professionals West in Los Angeles just happened, we’re now just three weeks away from Forrester's Forum For Customer Experience Professionals EMEA in London.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about how the London event is shaping up.

On second thought, I can tell you. Read on!

This year’s theme is “Boost Your Customer Experience To The Next Level.” What’s that about? Well, we know from our research that companies are at wildly varying levels of customer experience maturity, ranging from not having gotten started yet to pulling even further ahead of competitors through CX differentiation. That’s why we’ve tailored this event to show attendees the one sure path to CX maturity and provide detailed guidance on how to advance along that path.

On our main stage, we’ll have executive speakers who are leading their companies along the path to CX maturity. The speakers are from a wide range of industries and represent companies at many different levels of customer experience maturity: Agnes Gerbaud-Seuret, global digital director at BNP Paribas; Jo Moran, head of customer service at Marks and Spencer; Darren Bentham, chief customer officer at Southern Water; Declan Collier, chief executive officer at London City Airport; Dean Marshall, director of store operations Europe at The LEGO Group; and Gary Sharples, group complaints and transformation director, Barclays Africa Group.

In my check-in calls with speakers to discuss their presentations, I’ve been very impressed by the variety of approaches they’ve taken, from innovating through digital experience to eliminating fundamental problems within their businesses. To get a preview of what attendees will see in London, check out these Q&A blog posts from Jo Moran of Marks and Spencer and Declan Collier of London City Airport. With luck, we’ll have a couple more posts like these featuring other speakers between now and the event.

And of course virtually our entire crew of Forrester customer experience analysts will be there, doing everything from delivering keynotes to running track sessions and taking one-on-one meetings with attendees. Plus we’ll be reinforced by some of our favorite Forrester analysts from outside the CX team, including Shar VanBoskirk (interactive marketing), Julie Ask (mobile), Derek Miers (business process management), and Martin Gill (eBusiness).

I hope to see you in London!