Customers crave contextual and personal experiences on their mobile devices. Companies are looking to the reams of location and behavior data spun off mobile device to deliver them. Meanwhile, executives long for the insights lurking just below the surface of the new data they collect on customers and prospects to improve services and chart the best business strategy. 
In most companies, mobile engagement, customer analytics, innovation, and business strategy happen in silos and often half-heartedly. But disruptors like Uber, TripIt, Netflix, Flipboard, and Starbucks deliver great and personalized mobile and digital experiences — and optimize outcomes — with insights derived from all the data they can gather.
We believe these disrupters deliver great mobile experiences by building what my colleague Brian Hopkins has termed a “system of insight” that goes far beyond traditional analytics or big data approaches to gather, analyze, and operationalize all the data to deliver great mobile moments. These companies are different – they take a systematic approach to linking mobile data to big data analytics technology, staff, and operations. This lets them take advantage of mobile data to improve customer experiences and their business.
Brian and I believe that these firms are building systems of insight by:
  1. Gathering and mining mobile and location data to continually find and harness new customer insights. 
  2. Embedding predictive analytics engines into their engagement platforms to deliver contextual and personalized mobile and digital experiences based on each individual’s unique score and context.
  3. Implementing a systematic process to continually refine and improve the role of data in delivering business insights and personal experiences.
To explore this new territory, Brian and I are launching research for a new report we're calling "Systems Of Insight Power Great Mobile Moments." With your help, we are interested in unpacking and exploring these questions:
  • What data spun off mobile devices leads to the most business insights? How do you collect this data?
  • How do you use predictive analytics based on location and behavioral data to deliver contextual mobile experiences? Is other data besides mobile needed for insight and engagement?
  • How does mobile data and personalization relate to other big data and other digital initiatives?
  • What is the right data architecture to accomplish these objectives?
  • What technologies, staffing, and operations do companies need to solve these problems?
Have a great story to tell or technology to share? Leave a comment here or direct message me @TedSchadler or Brian @PracticingEA and we will be in touch.