Containers are all the rage!

Over the past year Containers such as Docker have generated tremendous interest and uptake among well-known cloud providers, who use them to deliver some of the largest and most popular cloud services and applications. Container adoption is being driven by the promise that containers deliver the ability to “build once and run anywhere”, allowing increased server efficiency and scalability for technology managers.

Hyperconvergance growing in adoption

A second trend developing at a similar rate is the adoption of Hyperconverged platforms. Hyperconverged platforms architect compute, storage and network together as a complete system (whether physical or virtual). Blending ease of use, scalability, and integration into easily consumable webscale building blocks which allows infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to spend less time engineering and tuning fundamental infrastructure and more time putting capabilities in the hands of their firms’ customers.

Hyperconvergance leveraging Containers, the perfect Cloud match

The growth of containers and Hyperconverged solutions with containers is emerging and in 2016 will become commonplace.This combination will yield the most flexible application packaging yet. AWS, CoreOS, Docker, Google, Mesosphere, Red Hat, VMware, and the various OpenStack players will lead the way. Hyperconverged infrastructure will be the foundation because it provides great flexibility with underlying resources in the pool for cloud services.

The call – Integrated approach to code containers and infrastructure

Containers promise faster app delivery cycles with better runtime execution, and ultimately lower production infrastructure costs. Better app delivery and runtime execution will be dependent on working with your app developers to leverage microservices in your app designs. Removal of costs is dependent on leveraging a highly efficient shared platform on which to deploy containerized apps. Hyperconverged infrastructure should be your foundation, so make sure to link your app and infrastructure strategies tightly in 2016.

Hyperconverged solutions with Containers is one of the eleven key developments for cloud and what I&O Pros should do about them in the report titled: Predictions 2016: The Cloud Accelerates.