As regular followers of my blog know, I’ve been covering digital business transformation since 2012 – before “digital” became the be-all and end-all term of technology marketers. (Have you noticed how every tech vendor is now an expert in digital business?). At the end of 2012 I penned a post predicting 2013 would be the year of digital business. And since then I’ve focused much of my research on the interconnections between digital business, customer experience, marketing and technology.

I’m happy to announce that we’ve now published a playbook on digital business transformation for the C-Suite – specifically for CIOs, but useful for all executives, including CMOs. The first few reports in the playbook are already live on our website, with the remainder coming on stream in the next few months. This playbook complements the earlier e-business digital playbook we published a couple of years ago.

The executive overview – “Craft Your Digital Vision” – sets the tone of the playbook, setting out the scope of digital business transformation as something much bigger than a new mobile app or responsive website redesign (free to download for guests). Digital is reshaping customer experiences and consequently the companies that deliver value to their customers – which pretty much means digital is a BIG shift in business. But too many executives still see digital as something they can bolt-on to today’s existing business. Which is why I spend much of my time working with the C-Suite to help senior leadership teams see the world differently.

In “Unleash Your Digital Predator” we’ve updated the original big idea report on digital business first published in 2014 to include the very latest data from the Forrester/Odgers Berndtson 2015 Digital Business Survey and and our more recent research with clients. As you can see from the graphic below – one of many data points you’ll find in this report – executives at most firms are not yet confident their company has what it takes to become a digital master.

Graphic showing executive perceptions of digital readiness

In “Customer-Obsessed Businesses Need Digital Ecosystems”, we describe the complex interplay between the systems that deliver customer-experiences and the systems that underpin business operations. CIOs, CMOs and other executives must all understand the complexity of digital ecosystems and learn to create value within such ecosystems. Embracing digital ecosystems empowers the CIO to drive faster innovation, more efficient production, and more agile go-to-market activities while simultaneously helping the CMO deliver more value to customers in less time.

In Digital Predator Or Digital Prey – the subject of many a keynote and webinar I’ve delivered over the past year – you’ll find the easy-to-use self assessment we first published in 2015. You can use this to determine where your company is today on your digital transformation journey. And if you’re interested in downloading the excel assessment tool, you’ll find that here too.

If you’re driving change through digital transformation, please get in touch – I love hearing your success stories and helping clients shift their thinking to see what else is possible. That’s what we do; “Challenge Thinking, Lead Change”.

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