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One Million Thanks!

Nigel Fenwick
Nigel Fenwick
Vice President, Principal Analyst
June 10, 2016

Thank you for your support!

I’m delighted to see this blog has officially had over one million views, making this one of the most read blogs at Forrester!

I truly appreciate all the support of you, my readers, in helping share this content with your peers. So thank you a million times.

Here is a selection of the most popular reads based on your recommendations, page views and one or two I just like the most:

Social Media:

The Secret Of Successful Social Communities: 4 Social Needs – 3/10

How To Develop A Social Innovation Network – 11/10

Define Your Social Ecosystem – 9/11

Technology leadership:

Ten Steps To Increased Productivity Through Effective Training – 3/10

Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose: Motivation For Your IT Staff – 6/10

It’s Time To Kill Your IT Strategy – 3/12

Chasing KPI’s that matter – 1/13

Why Customer Experience Will Become The #1 CIO Priority – 6/13

How to retain your most creative employees – 6/13

Chief Digital Officer: Fad or Future? – 11/13


The Ultimate Grocery Shopping App? – 4/10

On Pubs, Innovation & Office Space – 12/13

Welcome To The Age Of Innovation – Perspectives On CES 2016 – 1/16

Digital Transformation:

Seek the elusive zone of disruption – 10/12

Unleash Your Digital Business – 3/14

The Future Of Retail Is Digital – 8/15

Unleash Your Digital Predator – 12/15

The State Of Digital Business 2016 to 2020 – 12/15

Digital’s Golden Rule: Always Save Your Customer’s Time – 4/16

The 2016 Guide To Digital Predators, Transformers and Dinosaurs – 5/16


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