This week, NTT DATA brought together a select community of industry and financial analysts to introduce the new NTT DATA, following the recent acquisition of Dell Services. Though not a well-known brand to most, NTT DATA wants to change that and has launched a series of new campaigns to run on TV and in major publications such as The Economist.

This $4.3B+ services firm is a rollup of many acquisitions including Keane, Carlisle and Gallagher Consulting Group, Optimal, Intelligroup, Centerstance, and most recently Dell Services (which included the erstwhile Perot Systems) — and forms the largest operating company of Japan-based NTT DATA Corporation. The provider's capabilities span consulting and technology implementation and support, including SAP and Oracle and Salesforce services. NTT DATA is strongest in healthcare and life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, and public sector. NTT DATA boasts clients all around the globe – from Japan to the US to Western Europe and beyond.

NTT DATA has a unique and leading partnership with Dell (due to the Dell Services acquisition) and has a network of companies in the broader NTT Group such as DOCOMO, Dimension Data, and NTT Comms – that it can seamlessly leverage for mobile, data center, and network needs. For example, NTT DATA has collaborated with NTT Communications and Dimension Data when clients seeks a broader range of hosting and infra services related to SAP HANA deployments. NTT Group also has substantial investments in R&D and innovation including in advanced technologies such as sensors and voice recognition and holograms, which NTT DATA can bring to bear for clients.

Think this is an old-world IT services firm? Think again. Like other major services firms, NTT DATA is aggressively pivoting to next-generation digital services. For example, NTT DATA is working with leading healthcare firms to transform patient and medical professional experience and with financial services stalwarts who are looking to change their business to serve millennials and keep pace with fast-changing FinTech startups, amongst other things. The provider has an immersive digital experience studio in Plano (which it inherited from Dell Services) where it engages in co-innovation through journey mapping to reinvent the customer experience; the lab also serves as a showcase for emerging tech in areas such as IoT and 3D printing.

If you are looking for a “new” provider who is significantly smaller than some of the largest consulting and SI firms and hungry to disrupt the services space while still big enough to offer broad and end-to-end capabilities, the new NTT DATA is worth a look – especially if you fall into one of their focus sectors.