Anne Slough

Principal Analyst, Sales Operations

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I See You! How Technology Increases Customer Transparency and Lifetime Value

Anne Slough September 10, 2020
Customer insights that organizations are able to glean, via technology, have continued to increase customer relationship transparency. These insights equip sales operations teams with the data needed to automate administrative activities. The resulting transparency arms sales operations and reps with a competitive advantage.
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You’ve Got My Attention — Now What? Providing High-Impact Predictive Content to Increase Sales Velocity

Anne Slough August 11, 2020
  • High-impact predictive content is changing the way in which sales operations can influence the sales process
  • Sales operations analysis should reveal which content is working best and at which stage of the sales cycle
  • These insights will allow sales operations to take a more proactive approach to addressing gaps in performance and process
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Is Your Sales Operations Team “Keeping up With the Joneses?” How Sales Ops can Be a Differentiator

Anne Slough July 6, 2020
  • Sales operations has increasingly shifted its focus from the tactics to strategy
  • The team should position itself to be the source of truth for the sales organization
  • Future sales operations roles will require higher levels of business acumen and communication skills
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How to Financially Protect and Motivate Your Sales Team During a Pandemic

Anne Slough May 21, 2020
  • During an economic disruption, B2B organizations must decide how to protect their sales reps’ income
  • When executed properly, changes made to sales rep compensation signal business stability and commitment to the sales team
  • Sales operations leaders must balance company risk with employee security to ensure an even and sensible approach
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