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Revenue Operations And Intelligence (RO&I) Is Now Core To A Go-To-Market Tech Stack

Anthony McPartlin October 20, 2021
If there is one go-to-market tech category that generates significant confusion amongst buyers and even providers, it's revenue operations and intelligence (RO&I). Fortunately our first New Tech report on the category has just dropped with the explicit goal of removing the ambiguity around this category. Here its author Anthony McPartlin, provides some highlights.
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B2B Revenue Operations Is Seeing Greater Centralization, But Can Organizations Make It Stick?

Anthony McPartlin May 13, 2021
To enable commercial optimization, revenue operations leaders must become change agents for a shift in mindset through four fundamental values.
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Sales Tech Convergence And Confusion

Anthony McPartlin February 18, 2021
How do sales leaders, sales operations, and sales enablement practitioners navigate their way through an increasingly crowded technology space?
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Prepare Your Organization’s Path Back to Growth at Summit EMEA

Anthony McPartlin August 19, 2020
  • The Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit EMEA virtual event will be held October 6–7
  • This year’s event is an integrated and immersive virtual experience that brings together live presentations, discussion, and analyst meetups
  • We preview some of the sales-related topics that will be covered at the 2020 Summit EMEA sessions
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Rev Ops on the Road: Join Us at a City Near You to Learn More About This Key B2B Capability

Anthony McPartlin November 4, 2019
  • Join us in Palo Alto on November 6th, Atlanta on November 12th and Boston on November 14th for our revenue operations roadshows
  • Attendees will learn strategies on how to define, integrate and execute revenue operations
  • SiriusDecisions’ new survey on revenue operations will identify new insights into how companies are integrating sales, marketing and customer operations
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Eliminating Revenue Engine “Tollbooths”: Is It Time To Retire the Lead Object?

Anthony McPartlin September 26, 2019
  • Different object types (leads and opportunities) in sales force automation systems present a compatibility problem that hurts conversion rates, impedes functional alignment and expands sales cycle times
  • It’s time to leave leads behind and use opportunities to manage prospects right through the revenue journey
  • Using opportunities drives alignment by providing one vehicle to capture all information about the buying group and the related information and insights
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Summit 2019 Features Can’t-Miss Content for Sales Ops Leaders!

Anthony McPartlin April 3, 2019
  • Step back from day-to-day execution for three days of career development, future trends and the latest thought leadership on sales operations
  • Learn where the future of sales operations lies and why revenue operations is key to it
  • Build your professional network of like-minded sales ops leaders and share ideas, problems and opportunities
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Is Your Comp Plan Having a Mid-Life Crisis?

Anthony McPartlin November 19, 2018
  • Organizational growth is often determined by a company’s ability to adapt its go-to-market strategy to meet market needs
  • To drive sales growth, companies must align the sales compensation approach with the organization’s maturity phase
  • Continuing outdated compensation approaches introduces risk to incentive effectiveness, cost management and sales growth
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