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Advanced Digital Businesses Are Winning With Tech-Driven Business Innovation

Bobby Cameron July 13, 2018

Those that don’t keep up with the rapidly changing pace of technology will cease to be competitive and get left behind. The most advanced enterprises have common threads. These agile, customer-obsessed firms rapidly take advantage of emerging technologies: working with new technologies in the lab, discovering new business possibilities enabled by these technologies, and then […]

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Transform Federal IT To Accelerate Constituent Experience (CX)

Bobby Cameron May 18, 2018

Federal agencies striving to meet their mission objectives increasingly adopt digital technologies to improve constituents’ experiences. But many of these agencies fall short of their mark as their IT executives (see Figure 1): Navigate constantly shifting constituent and citizen expectations fueled by their experiences as consumers and the rapidly emerging digital technologies. Attempt to modernize […]

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The Top Tech Trends To Watch: 2016 To 2018 — Should Help Accelerate CIOs’ BT Agenda

Bobby Cameron September 13, 2015

CIOs already face significant pressure to understand and respond to digitally empowered customers. And as their firms’ customer experience (CX) focus intensifies, CIOs must bring digital into the heart of customer engagements — leveraging technology to assure high value end to end across the customer life cycle. The next wave of tech trends to watch […]

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Huawei’s ICT Summit Shows Digital Transformation Redefining Oil & Gas

Bobby Cameron September 9, 2015

It’s easy to see digital transformation playing a major role in consumer-facing firms. Digital customer experience sits at the core of retail — through Web sites, mobile devices, and increased focus on customer experience across the complete engagement cycle. However, it might be surprising for many how digital technology transforms core process industries like oil […]

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Q&A: Business Technology Maturity Assessment

Bobby Cameron July 24, 2009

by Bobby Cameron On Tuesday of this week I hosted a webinar - "Assessing And Developing Your IT's Leadership Practices Today And Into The Business Technology Era." As promised, below are the answers to questions about business technology (BT) maturity assessment that we weren’t able to cover. If these still leave issues unaddressed, please ask follow-up questions […]

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CIOs: Put Business Technology Leadership Maturity In Your 2010 Strategic Plan

Bobby Cameron July 22, 2009

by Bobby Cameron Business Technology (BT) is the largest single technology-management transition you will face over the next 5-10 years, as BT redefines IT’s operating model in your firm. BT is pervasive technology use, increasingly managed outside of IT's direct control. How does BT show itself? Employees, customers, and partners are bringing Web 2.0 and […]

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