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We’re Launching Research On AI Alignment And Trust

Brian Hopkins October 23, 2023
Many leadership teams are now taking the AI alignment challenge seriously. Learn how an Align By Design framework can help solve that challenge.

At Its Innovation 2023 Event, Intel Is Focused On AI Developers

Brian Hopkins September 26, 2023
Get Forrester's key takeaways and unique insights from the recent Intel Innovation 2023 conference.

Biden Escalates The US-China Tech Trade War (Again)

Glenn O'Donnell August 23, 2023
US president Joe Biden issued an executive order on August 9 imposing tighter restrictions on certain technology investments in “countries of concern.” It cites military applications of these technologies by hostile states that raise US national security concerns. The EO leaves “countries of concern” vaguely defined, but the target is China, including its special administrative […]

Generative AI Dominates The Top 10 Emerging Technologies Of 2023

Brian Hopkins July 11, 2023
Generative AI tops this year's list of 10 emerging technologies — but maybe not for the reasons you think. Find out why.

How We Picked The Top Emerging Technologies For 2023

Brian Hopkins June 28, 2023
This year's evaluation was more rigorous and expansive than ever before as we sought to answer end users' important questions.

The Long March Of Quantum Computing Is Entering A New Chapter

Charlie Dai February 7, 2023
We are still in the early stages of commercial adoption for quantum computing. That is starting to change.

Southwest’s Crisis Is A Lesson For Innovators

Brian Hopkins January 4, 2023
Southwest Airlines’ 2022 holiday travel disaster happened because the airline became a victim of its own success. Yet the crisis has yielded lessons that other companies should heed.

How We Picked The 2022 Top 10 Emerging Technologies

Brian Hopkins November 21, 2022
Out of the hundreds of technologies that Forrester tracks, we landed on 10. (And, no, they don't include the metaverse.) Here, we break down our selection process.

Show Me The Value (Of Emerging Technology)

Brian Hopkins September 19, 2022
Learn which two of Forrester's top 10 emerging technologies can deliver value to your organization today.

Show Me That Emerging Technology Magic

Brian Hopkins September 12, 2022
Get three key takeaways about leveraging emerging technology in this Technology & Innovation event preview.

The Real Deal On IBM’s Latest Quantum Computing Announcement

Brian Hopkins November 15, 2021
Understand three things about quantum computing before you read IBMs 127-qubit Eagle announcement.

Forrester’s 2021 Top Trends And Technologies Point Toward Trust Ecosystems

Brian Hopkins October 20, 2021
This year's top trends and technologies report points out that firms that master trust and ecosystem-based business models will dominate the decade. Find out more in this blog post.

How To Master Emerging Technologies In The 2020s

Brian Hopkins June 15, 2021
Will current tech trends recreate the patterns of the 2010s? VP, Principal Analyst Brian Hopkins makes a call and unveils Forrester’s new "recipe" model for analyzing emerging technology.

IBM Spins Off Its Managed Infrastructure Services Business

Bill Martorelli October 13, 2020
On Thursday, October 8, 2020, IBM announced its plans to spin off its managed infrastructure services business into a new public company. Earlier in the year, new CEO Arvind Krishna announced layoffs for an unspecified amount of IBM’s workforce amid the COVID-19 crisis and following several years of revenue decline. It appears this latest move […]

Preparing For The Future: The 2020s Will Demand More From Your Tech

Brian Hopkins September 22, 2020
The 2020s announced their arrival with a bang this year. Find out what IT leaders can do to better align their tech stack to the coming wave of risks and changes.

The Disruptive And Problem-Solving Potential Of Emerging Technologies In CPG, Healthcare, And Retail

Brian Hopkins September 22, 2020
Emerging technology is always changing, so we wanted to understand the impact on different industries. In this audio series, we speak with our analyst colleagues Jeff Becker, George Lawrie, and Arielle Trzcinski to explore how emerging technologies are changing (and will in the future), even solving some of the most important and complex issues in four key sectors: consumer packaged goods (CPG), healthcare providers, healthcare insurers, and retail. In a world where […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins August 10, 2020
Mobile Advertising Comes Under Scrutiny Most data deprecation discussions center on cookies and web browsers. But two recent moves broaden the aperture to include mobile environments, too. First, Apple announced iOS 14, which will prompt users on whether they want to let an app track them or “ask app not to track.” If a user picks the latter, the app can’t […]

Think Adaptive For The 2020s

Brian Hopkins May 11, 2020
In 2020 successful businesses will focus on proactively adapting and shape-shifting as events unfold. Forrester's adaptive strategy provides a framework for short-term and long-term success.

The Future Of Technology And Innovation 2020

Brian Hopkins April 6, 2020
The pandemic has set a new standard for the pace of change. In the past, we have euphemized “overnight disruption” to mean a few months to a few years for changes to unfold, which seemed fast. We live in a new world, where overnight disruption literally means overnight. This represents a radical shift in our mental model of the world, and it is something we are all coping with. This week, I am excited to announce […]

Fast Failure Is Not Dead

Patrick Carroll March 16, 2020
The idea of fast failure is not a new or shocking revelation. Going back to the early 2000s, post dot-com bubble, the concept of fast failure was originally introduced as a methodology for businesses to rapidly innovate, iterate, and define the viability of an emerging product/service. Facebook even had its own adaption of the methodology […]
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