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Welcome Rain Capital

Claire O'Malley July 9, 2018

Rain Capital is shaking up the investment side of cybersecurity. Apart from only 11% of cybersecurity professionals being women, venture capital (VC) firms also suffer from a gender disparity with limited diversity. According to TechCrunch, only 8% of partners from the top 100 venture firms were women in 2017, and eight of these top 100 […]

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Why Is One Woman Not Good Enough?

Claire O'Malley May 1, 2018

This weekend, The New York Times released a story detailing a sexist, toxic culture that’s been tormenting Nike employees for years. The story shares instances of sexist comments, work trips to strip clubs, sexually graphic conversations, and unwanted advances that’ve forced many women to quit over the years. But did they go to HR? Yes. […]

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Let's Address Cybersecurity's Gender Disparity

Claire O'Malley February 27, 2018

The most infuriating advice I’ve received about succeeding in cybersecurity is to, “Have a thick skin,” usually followed by, “Don’t take him seriously, he doesn’t even realize what he’s saying.” These are not words of wisdom—they’re a defense of predatory behavior that belittles the issues women face every day and normalizes sexual harassment. For my […]

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