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La transformation digitale entraîne le besoin de nouvelles compétences IT

Dan Bieler 29 Avril 2022
L'orientation des projets de transformation digitale, et par conséquent les stratégies sous-jacentes de sourcing, de recrutement et de gestion des talents IT, doivent toutes évoluer.

Steigende digitale Anforderungen erfordern europaweit neue Kompetenzen

Dan Bieler 28 April 2022
Um nachhaltiges Wachstum und Innovation voranzutreiben müssen sich Europäische Regierungen, Unternehmen und Gesellschaften auf eine grundlegende Umgestaltung ihrer Qualifikationsbasis vorbereiten.

Rising Digital Demands Drive New Skill Requirements Across Europe

Dan Bieler April 25, 2022
European governments, businesses, and societies need to prepare for a fundamental transformation of their skills base to survive and thrive. To drive sustainable growth and innovation and to prepare for the future of work, European businesses depend on a blend of digital and technology-related skills as well as critical thinking, problem solving, resilience, active learning, […]

Impressions From Mobile World Congress 2022

Dan Bieler March 9, 2022
Between February 28 and March 3, the leading global telecoms and networking event, Mobile World Congress (MWC), took place in Barcelona. The event was hosted as a hybrid event. It attracted about half the attendees that it saw before the pandemic struck, namely 60,000 attendees. The event organizers reduced the floor space accordingly. Nevertheless, there […]

Ortsungebundene Arbeitskonzepte kommen für ein Drittel aller Unternehmen nicht in Frage – auch nach der Pandemie

Dan Bieler 15 Februar 2022
Damit ortsunabhängige Arbeitsstrategien erfolgreich sind, müssen eine Reihe von Faktoren berücksichtigt werden. Erfahren Sie, was für europäische Unternehmen wichtig ist.

Un Tiers Des Entreprises Ne Parviendront Pas À Mettre En Place Une Stratégie “Anywhere-Work”

Dan Bieler 15 Février 2022
Une série de facteurs doivent être pris en compte pour que les stratégies de travail à distance réussissent. Découvrez ce qui est essentiel pour les entreprises européennes.

One-Third Of Companies Will Fail At Anywhere Work, And It Won’t Be The Pandemic’s Fault

Dan Bieler February 8, 2022
A range of factors must be addressed for anywhere-work strategies to succeed. Learn what's key for European companies.

Prognosen 2022: Die Zukunft der Arbeit

Dan Bieler 2 November 2021
Die Zukunft der Arbeit in ganz Europa wird im Jahr 2022 nicht von einem einzigen Trend geprägt sein, sondern von mehreren.

Prévisions 2022 : Expérience Collaborateur

Dan Bieler 1 Novembre 2021
Restant hétérogène, le monde du travail européen sera confronté à des différences significatives en termes de performances économiques et de niveaux d'emploi en 2022. Retrouvez nos prévisions pour l'expérience collaborateur.

Europe Predictions 2022: The Future Of Work

Dan Bieler October 26, 2021
There will not be one single trend that will define the future of work in 2022, but several. Read on to discover our predictions.

Learn From Amazon’s Approach To Innovation

Dan Bieler October 22, 2021
Investigate the concepts that guide Amazon’s approach to innovation. There will be elements of great relevance for your organization. You can learn from and embrace these elements to fundamentally rethink your own approach to innovation.

Key Takeaways From IAA Mobility: Repositioning The Automotive Industry Around Changing Customer Priorities

Dan Bieler September 29, 2021
Forrester attended the International Motor Show Germany, rebranded as IAA MOBILITY. It took place in Munich between 7–12 September, 2021. The event was staged as a hybrid event. It managed to attract 400,000 “real” visitors, making it one of the largest trade fairs since the pandemic started. The buzz was noticeable, although visitor numbers were […]

Tech Executives Need To Make Diversity And Inclusion Core To Their Talent Strategy

Dan Bieler August 19, 2021
Learn why IT and technology leaders should make diversity and inclusion a core part of their talent strategy.

Impressions From Mobile World Congress 2021

Dan Bieler July 8, 2021
Mobile World Congress 2021 (MWC21) took place between June 28 and July 1, 2021, after Mobile World Congress 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic. This was the first time attendees could get a sense of the global state of and the major trends in the telecommunications and technology sectors in the previous 18 months. […]

Selecting The Right Consulting Partner For Your Innovation Efforts

Dan Bieler July 5, 2021
The goal of innovation consulting is to boost competitive advantage, drive greater differentiation, improve operational efficiencies, create great customer experiences, and streamline innovation project management. Key

5G Will Become A Key Enabler For Digital Transformation Of The Public Sector

Dan Bieler June 10, 2021
Technology transformation is a fundamental lever to change the workings of government. Government priorities, including higher citizen engagement, improved productivity, and stronger economic growth increasingly depend on digital technology.

Die Zukunft der Arbeit liegt in der Veränderung der Führungskultur

Dan Bieler April 23, 2021
Ein verstärktes Mitarbeiterengagement ist zunehmend entscheidend. Warum? Weil ein hohes Mitarbeiterengagement eine bessere Kundenerfahrung fördert.

Den kulturellen Wandel der Mitarbeitererfahrung in Europa vorantreiben

Dan Bieler April 20, 2021
Die derzeitige Krise zeigt, dass eine ausgezeichnete Mitarbeitererfahrung (oder EX für Employee Experience) entscheidend für die Marke und den CMO ist. EX war auch vorher schon ein wichtiger Treiber für die Kundenerfahrung (auch CX für Customer Experience) und die Unternehmensleistung. Die aktuelle Situation verlangt jedoch von Markenunternehmen, dass sie ihre Mitarbeiter noch stärker einbinden. Unsere […]

European Businesses Must Redouble Their Recovery Efforts For 2021

Dan Bieler April 16, 2021
European businesses must start preparing for a post-pandemic world. They need to target emerging business growth opportunities, devise a policy for hybrid remote and office working, and plan a way to return to business travel. Boosting employee experiences and employee engagement plays a central role for these endeavors.

The Path To Automation In Europe And Its Impact On The Future Of Work

Dan Bieler March 26, 2021
This report provides tech and business leaders in Europe with a checklist to avoid making the biggest mistakes and develop a solid framework for automation projects.
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