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"The Forrester Wave™: Omnichannel Functional Test Automation Tools, Q3 2018" Is Out

Diego Lo Giudice August 7, 2018

See why the 15 providers selected matter most and how they stack up in our 2018 Forrester Wave™. In our 26-criteria evaluation of omnichannel functional test automation (OFTA) providers, we identified the 15 most significant ones — Conformiq, Eggplant, Experitest, IBM, Micro Focus Silk, Micro Focus UFT, LogiGear, Microsoft, Parasoft, Perfecto, Ranorex, Sauce Labs, SmartBear Software, […]

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At Build 2018, Microsoft Augments Developers With AI And Open Source

Diego Lo Giudice May 9, 2018

At Microsoft Build 2018 in Seattle this year, Satya Nadella confirmed Microsoft’s strategy to bring AI everywhere and to everybody. Microsoft (MS) is making it easier for its huge worldwide development community, encompassing enterprises, partners, and single developers to infuse AI vision, speech, language processing, and more in applications building. As I wrote in this […]

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Agile Only ? No thanks ! Agile + DevOps, Please!

Diego Lo Giudice December 21, 2017

In 2017 — although I suppose I should say in 2018, as it’s almost the end of December — it is simply unacceptable for any IT organization to focus on an Agile-only or DevOps-only journey. They are two sides of the same coin, and one completes the other. If your service provider tells you that […]

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Agile Plus DevOps Is Slowly But Steadily Reaching Enterprise Scale

Diego Lo Giudice December 14, 2017

Agile is still alive and well and in demand, according to Forrester’s Agile adoption panel. This year, our biannual survey tracking the health of Agile initiatives focused on the main challenge: Agile at scale. As software teams get further along their Agile transformation, they find that, despite some improvements, scaling vertically and horizontally remains their biggest […]

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The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Testing Service Providers, Q3 2017

Diego Lo Giudice August 30, 2017

Digital disruptors and customer-obsessed organizations are improving customer experience (CX) by shortening their software delivery cycles, delivering features in smaller increments, and scaling their existing Agile processes with DevOps. Traditional testing services don’t cut it for these organisations. In fact in my recent Continuous Testing Services Providers, Q3 2017 wave research, 38 business leaders representing the top […]

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On An Agile Scaling Journey? Take Our Survey To Find Out How You Are Doing

Diego Lo Giudice June 12, 2017

This year I’m excited to be teaming up with Amanda LeClair on the biannual Forrester Agile At Scale Adoption Survey. For the 2017 study, we’ve added a few more questions in areas that we see organizations struggle with. So in addition to successful Agile team practices, alignment with business stakeholders upstream and downstream with testing […]

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Are You On An Agile+DevOps Journey? Don’t Miss Out On Continuous Testing Services!

Diego Lo Giudice May 2, 2017

It happens often in conversations with clients that I realize they have disjointed initiatives going on to support their digital transformation. The most dangerous parallel initiatives are those where, on one side, they are changing their development teams to become more Agile, but a separate initiative in the same enterprise exists where their Operations folks […]

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Developers: Will AI Run You Out Of Your Job?

Diego Lo Giudice December 2, 2016

Much has been written about how artificial intelligence (AI) will put white-collar workers out of a job eventually. Will robots soon be able to do what programmers do best — i.e., write software programs? Actually, if you are or were a developer, you’ve probably already written or used software programs that can generate other software […]

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The Downside Of Digital Labs For Financial Innovation

Diego Lo Giudice June 20, 2016

The race to digital is heating up in financial services (FS) organizations; increasingly, the engine making this happen is Agile. Why? Quite simply, it is software that makes any financial business truly digital. Organizations are therefore in a rush to become great at rapidly innovating, developing, and delivering new software products to win new clients […]

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Benchmark Against Your Biggest Competitor — Yourself!

Diego Lo Giudice January 8, 2016

As firms face growing competition for customers, they naturally seek to compare themselves with their peers and competitors, but there is a trap: Leaders don’t compare themselves with competitors anymore. Instead, they compare their current performance with where they need to be as a leader, and that’s what the business expects. In the past, it […]

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Deliver Business Value With Modern Metrics And Analytics

Diego Lo Giudice December 4, 2015

Modern application delivery leaders realize that their primary goal is to deliver value to the business and its customers faster. Most of the modern successful change frameworks, like Agile (in its various instantiations), Lean, and Lean Startup, which inspire developers and development shops, put metrics and measurement at the center of improvement and feedback loops. […]

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CA Technologies Dials Up Its Efforts In The “Better Software, Faster” Game

Diego Lo Giudice November 23, 2015

I am just back from the CA World 2015 in Las Vegas, where everything was cool: from the weather, with unexpected but welcomed temperatures in the low 50s; to the event theme, with a strong focus on Agile, DevOps, APIs, and security; to Fall Out Boys and Sheryl Crow’s concerts.  As digital pervades all industries, […]

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The Forrester Wave™ Evaluation Of Functional Test Automation (FTA) Is Out And It's All About Going Beyond GUI Testing

Diego Lo Giudice April 23, 2015

A few months ago, I blogged about testing quality@speed in the same way that F1 racing teams do to win races and fans. Last week, I published my F(TA)1 Forrester Wave! It examines the capabilities of nine vendors to evaluate how they support Agile development and continuous delivery teams when it comes to continuous testing: Borland, […]

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Is your modern delivery "Agile all the way through" ? Take our survey...

Diego Lo Giudice April 1, 2015

Software delivery leaders are under tremendous pressure to deliver faster and better software. As digital is having a ripple effect, the scope of improving software delivery processes and practices is just becoming pervasive in all industries and in many enterprises. Agile development has been around for well over 10 years, DevOps is picking up where […]

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This Time, AI Is Truly Here To Help Build Intelligent Applications

Diego Lo Giudice February 19, 2015

What’s taken artificial intelligence (AI) so long? We invented AI capabilities like first-order logical reasoning, natural-language processing, speech/voice/vision recognition, neural networks, machine-learning algorithms, and expert systems more than 30 years ago, but aside from a few marginal applications in business systems, AI hasn’t made much of a difference. The business doesn’t understand how or why […]

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Testing Pit Stops In Three Seconds

Diego Lo Giudice January 26, 2015

Formula One has gotten us all used to amazing speed. In as little as three seconds, F1 pit teams replace all four wheels on a car and even load in dozens of liters of fuel. Pit stops are no longer an impediment to success in F1 — but they can be differentiating to the point […]

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4 Must-Dos For Continuous Business Innovation

Diego Lo Giudice October 25, 2014

The modern business world echoes with the sound of time-tested business models being shattered by digital upstarts, while the rate of disruption is accelerating. Organizations that will win in this world must hone their ability to deliver high-value experiences, based on high quality software with very short refresh cycles. Customers are driving this shift; every […]

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My Three Assumptions For Why The Next Generation Of SW Innovation Will Be Cognitive!

Diego Lo Giudice August 25, 2014

I am just back from the first ever Cognitive Computing Forum organized by DATAVERSITY in San Jose, California. I am not new to artificial intelligence (AI), and was a software developer in the early days of AI when I was just out of university. Back then, if you worked in AI, you would be called […]

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Are You Ready To Outsource Your Agile Modern Application Delivery?

Diego Lo Giudice May 27, 2014

Our bi-yearly Forrester Agile survey suggests that Agile development (or simply "Agile") continues to see consistent, strong adoption. However, the same survey data shows that only a small percentage of firms are outsourcing Agile application development due to a lack of experience with the development sourcing approaches and governance models needed to make it work. Successfully outsourcing […]

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If Your Business Looks Digital, What Should Your App Delivery Look Like?

Diego Lo Giudice March 13, 2014

When computers were invented 60 years ago, nobody would have thought that gazillions of 0 and 1s would soon rule the world. After all, that’s all there is in any computer memory, be it a laptop, a mobile phone, or a supercomputer like Watson;  if you could open memory up and visualize the smallest elementary […]

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