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MAD Services — The Best Of The Best

Diego Lo Giudice 4 days ago
ALM Is Dead — Long Live MAD In the last 10–15 years, a lot has happened in the application development market; in my opinion, the advent of agile has been a bigger disruptor than what many might think, and still is. Many struggle to succeed with agile, especially in trying to adopt more agile, not […]

Energize Your Agile Transformation

Diego Lo Giudice June 13, 2022
Learn five key points to guide your journey toward development and delivery modernization.

The Market For VSM And SPM Takes A Big Step Forward

Christopher Condo May 25, 2022
The announcement that Planview has entered into an agreement to acquire Tasktop marks a new milestone in the evolution and maturity of the value stream management (VSM) solutions market. This acquisition brings together two companies with very complementary strengths: Planview provides lean portfolio management, capacity, and financial management, and Tasktop provides value stream management and […]

Application Sustainability Is More Than A Programming Language Choice

Sandy Carielli April 21, 2022
(Part 2 of a two-part series) Still Calling On Developers To Save The Earth! Two days ago, we introduced the concept of application sustainability and noted that while less abstract languages may have lower energy costs, there are other considerations in sustainable development and deployment. Whether your team is starting up a sustainable development initiative […]

Calling On All Developers To Save The Earth

Sandy Carielli April 19, 2022
The emerging concept of application sustainability may help developers make more energy-efficient choices. Here, we look at what the concept entails.

Navigating The Business Roundtable’s Roadmap For Responsible AI

Brandon Purcell February 3, 2022
Get a detailed analysis of the Business Roundtable's recently published Roadmap for Responsible Artificial Intelligence.

It’s Time!! Augment Human Ingenuity With AI To Scale Creativity

Diego Lo Giudice February 1, 2022
As AI matures, technology executives can use it to unleash even more human creativity across the organization. Learn three ways to do that.

Meet The New Demand For Creativity With AI

Diego Lo Giudice September 2, 2021
Will all of the digital urgency brought about by the pandemic disappear? Learn how AI can help drive creativity and innovation in your organization.

Prepare For AI That Learns To Code Your Enterprise Applications (Part 3)

Diego Lo Giudice August 27, 2021
Get Ready To Work With TuringBots: The Time Is Now  Enterprise TuringBots are an imaginary but realistic future we’re painting based on what we know today. There is solid prior art proving it. To see our definition on TuringBots, read our first and second blog of this series. In a Forrester webinar back in September […]

The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Automation And Testing Services, Q3 2021 — A Comparison Of 15 Global Players

Diego Lo Giudice July 23, 2021
Future fit organizations are quickly adopting hybrid and native clouds, automating wherever possible, and bringing their agile and DevOps practices to a more mature and broader level. At the same time, testing tools, testing practices, and testing software IP developed by vendors have all increased the infusion of AI. The consequence is that ruthless or […]

Prepare For AI That Learns To Code Your Enterprise Applications (Part 2)

Diego Lo Giudice July 8, 2021
The future of work for application development and delivery professionals will look very different. Learn how to prepare for it today.

Inspire Trust With Robust, Well-Tested AI-Infused Applications

Diego Lo Giudice May 27, 2021
Software takes part in almost everything we do, and yes, we do trust that it works! OK, sometimes it fails and it drives us nuts, but in most cases, it does what we expect it to do. How have we learned to trust that software works? Through positive experiences with software that meets our expectations. […]

Prepare For AI That Learns To Code Your Enterprise Applications (Part 1)

Diego Lo Giudice March 18, 2021
Software Development, Past And Present Shortfalls As digital accelerates, so does the demand for business applications. And the complexity of building business applications is growing, despite all the innovations we’ve created during the past 20 years. Decision-makers have tried leveraging prepackaged business apps on-premises and now also in the cloud — only to find they […]

Make Agile A Stepping Stone Toward Future Fit Adaptability

Diego Lo Giudice March 17, 2021
Being adaptive is one of three core competencies of what Forrester calls a future fit organization. Let’s explore how to reach adaptability and help you deal with the unknown, drive organizational flexibility, and react to rapid change.

How To Build A Sustainable, Future-Proof Agile Delivery Organization

Diego Lo Giudice October 1, 2020
After completing my computer science degree, I started working with Olivetti back in the ’80s. That was 20 years after the glorious Ing. C. Olivetti invented the world’s first personal computer (which very few know about). This clearly changed widespread perception of computers as these dangerous monsters occupying huge rooms that you would rather stay […]

The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Functional Test Automation Suites, Q2 2020 Is Live

Diego Lo Giudice June 19, 2020
There are always leaders and laggards in comparing vendor technology products, but being among the top 15 players in the market in a Forrester Wave™ evaluation is always a win. Why? Because the vendors are being compared with a peer group of test automation vendors that form, based on Forrester’s research, the top 15 performers […]

RPA And Test Automation Are More Friends Than Foes

Diego Lo Giudice May 20, 2020
If robotic process automation was not on your company’s roadmap before COVID-19, it likely is now to reduce costs, conduct remote business, and improve resiliency.

Mainframe Developers Get Boost From BMC Acquisition Of Compuware

Christopher Condo March 3, 2020
The move signals that DevOps has shifted from the broad adoption phase to the massive adoption phase.

No Testing, No Artificial Intelligence!

Diego Lo Giudice November 18, 2019
Examples of AI gone wrong threaten to discredit the technology’s value. The solution is better testing of AI-infused applications. Vice President and Principal Analyst Diego Lo Giudice explains.

Are Outdated Core Applications Holding You Back?

Diego Lo Giudice July 29, 2019
Customer journeys rely on core, back-office tech. To realize ROI with digital, modernize your core.
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