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George Lawrie

Vice President, Principal Analyst

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Retail IT budgets

I was intrigued to read in StorefrontBacktalk about Target’s plans to reduce its spending on IT. Apparently, investors warmed to the message, but most…

June 27, 2013

Red Prairie Acquires JDA

New Mountain Capital, the owner of Red Prairie, the demand sensing and supply chain execution software vendor, announced last week that it would fully acquire…

November 5, 2012

Infor Challenges ERP Duopoly

Some of my readers know that I worked in my career before Forrester in product management and business development at MSA, SSA, and Mapics, all…

November 5, 2012

Meeting The Challenges Of The Empowered Consumer

Retail is experiencing substantial change because consumers are now empowered by the web with information about price, availability, and merchandise features. The retail industry is…

November 18, 2011

Drive revenue with CX

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road?

Most Forrester readers certainly understand the importance of empowering their employees to contend with highly informed and increasingly demanding customers. But I’m often asked just…

September 2, 2011

Enterprise packaged apps integration

Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote, man is born free and is everywhere in chains. So too Enterprise app deployments are conceived as self contained yet everywhere…

February 26, 2010

SAP’s CEO Resigns

Forrester had heard rumors of restructuring at SAP before the announcement on February 7th that SAP’s CEO Leo Apotheker has resigned with…

February 8, 2010