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Amazon Leads In Forrester’s First UK Customer Experience Index

Jonathan Browne March 21, 2014
I’m thrilled to announce the first report in a new stream of research — "The Customer Experience Index, UK 2014." This is the first in a series of reports about the state of CX in Europe. Which brands did UK consumers rate as the best for customer experience? The highest score went to Amazon, with […]

North American Interactive Design Agencies: Please Complete Our Survey

Jonathan Browne November 7, 2013
Calling all interactive design agencies in the US and Canada! I'm writing the update to Forrester's "Interactive Design Agency Overview, 2012" report, and I need your help to do it. Please complete our survey by following this link. If you would like your agency to be featured in the research, please complete the survey to […]

Customer Journey Mapping Keeps Organizations Focused On Customers’ Processes And Needs

Jonathan Browne June 9, 2013
“It’s not about what’s your best option. This is your only option” Those were the words of an airline employee in Pittsburgh, following the cancellation of my flight to Washington, D.C. The agent had put me onto the next available flight. There was nothing more to do about the situation, and my questions were a […]

Social Media Has Transformed Customer Expectations At Every Step Of The Customer Journey

Jonathan Browne October 11, 2012
After moving to a new apartment in September, I needed to get a new TV. My first instinct was to gather information from a few sources. I browsed online retailers to get an idea of prices, and I looked at manufacturers’ marketing content to understand the latest technologies like 3D TV. After all of that, […]

Healthcare Customer Experience Insight At Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum — Wednesday, June 27th — New York, NY

Jonathan Browne June 20, 2012
I'm excited that I'll be spending time with Forrester clients next week at Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum 2012 East. On the second day of the forum (Wednesday, June 27th), there are two industry presentations of particular interest to healthcare industry executives:   1. 11.30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.: Patient Empowered Healthcare Matt Eaves (director, engagement, Cancer Treatment […]

Interactive Design Agencies In Europe — Please Report Your Capabilities In Forrester’s 2012 Online Survey

Jonathan Browne March 23, 2012
Once again, I'm going to write an overview of the European interactive design agency market to help Forrester clients identify design agencies to help them with their projects in Europe. The report title will be "2012: Where To Get Help For Interactive Design Projects In Europe." Participants will receive a copy of the research and […]

Calling European Interactive Design Agencies — Do You Want To Get Your Name In Front Of Forrester Clients?

Jonathan Browne February 10, 2011
"Where to get help for interactive design projects in Europe?" That's the question I want to answer for customer experience professionals in my next research. To do that, I'm inviting all interactive design agencies in Europe to help me. Would you like to be included in a report that will help Forrester clients with their […]

Which Are The Leading UK Interactive Agencies For Web Design?

Jonathan Browne April 1, 2010
 I'm pleased to announce that "The Forrester Wave™: UK Interactive Agencies — Web Design Capabilities, Q1 2010", is now available to Forrester clients on the Forrester Web site. This report is an evaluation of the Web design capabilities of leading UK design agencies: AKQA, Amaze, Detica, EMC Consulting, LBi, Reading Room, Sapient Interactive, VML London, and Wunderman. […]

Assumption Personas (handle with care)

Jonathan Browne November 4, 2009
[Posted by Jonathan Browne] About ten years ago, when Forrester was writing some of our early research on effective Web design, we noticed a pattern among leading companies. They told us they were finding it very helpful to use design personas – models of customers based on qualitative research into real customers, but presented as […]

Getting customers to cut you some slack

Jonathan Browne July 21, 2009
[Posted by Jonathan Browne] I'm embarrassed to see that we haven't updated our blog in three weeks. I guess it's a time of year when it's hard to stay on top of some things. I found myself exhausted at the end of June. (In addition to my trip to NYC for the CXP forum, I also had to […]

Post-forum thoughts (one analyst’s perspective)

Jonathan Browne June 25, 2009
[Posted by Jonathan Browne] How did you like our Customer Experience Forum? Did you come participate in person at the event in New York? Or did you see some of the presentations that we offered as a live stream? On my way home from New York, I met a friend at LaGuardia airport for a coffee […]

But is it art?

Jonathan Browne June 16, 2009
[Posted by Jonathan Browne] I'm noticing more and more "word clouds" in company reports and other business documents: .  Title: A Portrait Of The Forrester CXP Blog by Jonathan Browne - June, 2009. (The eggplant shape represents Forrester analysts – Thin skinned and bitter inside. Best taken with a pinch of salt). The growth of this […]

June 21 Tweetup In NYC – The Night Before Our CXP Forum

Jonathan Browne May 27, 2009
[Posted by Jonathan Browne] One of the great crimes of Twitter is the way Twitter users put "TW" at the start of perfectly good words and think it's cool, or ironic, or some combination of the two … My colleague: We're having a Tweetup before the Customer Experience Forum in NYC. Me: Really? I thought that was […]

New Workshop – Top Ten Web Design Fixes To Improve Business Results

Jonathan Browne May 21, 2009
[Posted by Jonathan Browne] If you've read any of Forrester's reports on the state of Web site experiences, you will know that we see a lot of flawed Web sites. (And you probably have personal experience of sub-par Web sites that confirms that assertion). We've been teaching our 25-criteria methodology for ten years (we've updated it […]

Welcome to the Forrester Blog for Customer Experience Professionals

Jonathan Browne May 14, 2009
[Posted by Jonathan Browne] Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin… Welcome to Forrester's newest blog – My colleagues and I will use this space to share our thoughts and engage in dialogue with you about customer experience. We want you to participate by posting comments, challenging our ideas and sharing your opinions. You will […]

parity postponed — pointless pursuits with Twitter

Jonathan Browne March 25, 2009
Warning – This may be the most trivial thing I've ever blogged. Stop reading now if you're looking for insights into customer experience, business strategy or anything of value really. A few months back I started to use Twitter in earnest. (Before that, I only ever tweeted that I was updating Twitter, but some serious […]

Moving to London

Jonathan Browne February 26, 2009
Dear Clients, Partners and Friends, Please excuse this impersonal message: It seems to be the most efficient way to inform everyone that I am transferring to the Forrester Research London Research Centre. In London I will continue to work as a member of Forrester's Customer Experience research team, supporting Customer Experience professionals. I will be […]

007 1/2 – License to drive a 29 seat bus

Jonathan Browne February 2, 2009
Today I went to renew my driver's license. The Japanese system is radically different from the system in my home country. Back in the UK, we take a test at the age of 17 and then the Driver And Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) lets us drive until we're well past retirement age with no further […]

Japan loses interest in Social Networking?

Jonathan Browne December 3, 2008
Jeff Lippold at Diamond Agency has written a post to examine some new data from Synovate that suggests that Japan may be losing interest in Social Networking. I need to read the Synovate report for myself, and I will look at the next results from Forrester's surveys of Japanese consumers to see if I see […]

Japan & Korea prefer anonymous social computing

Jonathan Browne October 3, 2008
Chang-Won Kim reports that Korea's top actress, Jin-sil Choi, has just taken her own life. It seems that she was deeply hurt by anonymous comments leveled at her online: Chang makes the point that social media need a more robust system of identity and reputation to support online interaction — so that communities have ways […]
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