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Insider Threat Has Undergone A Digital Transformation

Joseph Blankenship July 31, 2018

Before the internet gave us ubiquitous connectivity, selling secrets was hard. Finding buyers and sellers required research, relationship building, and connection in person or by phone. Exchanging data was harder. It required physical media, and data exchange had to be done in person. You’ve likely seen old spy movies where spies had microfilm with top-secret […]

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Tesla Sabotage: A Perfect Storm For Insider Threat

Joseph Blankenship June 20, 2018

Last Sunday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent an all-employee email to Tesla employees revealing that the company was the victim of insider sabotage. Musk indicated that the saboteur made changes to Tesla‚Äôs manufacturing operating system using fake usernames and exported a large volume of sensitive internal data to third parties. In his email, Musk revealed […]

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Automation And Sharing Are Common Themes

Joseph Blankenship November 9, 2016

After years of shunning automation and information sharing efforts, the security industry is now embracing them. Every vendor conference I attended this fall talked about the need to automate some security functions in order to increase security teams' efficiency and ability to quickly detect and respond to incidents. The vendors also focused on the need […]

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Could Your Next Security Analyst Be A Computer?

Joseph Blankenship May 11, 2016

Cybersecurity requires a specialized skillset and a lot of manual work. We depend on the knowledge of our security analysts to recognize and stop threats. To do their work, they need information. Some of that information can be found internally in device logs, network metadata or scan results. Analysts may also look outside the organization […]

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