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Low AIQ Threatens Employees, Customers, And Your AI Initiatives

J.P. Gownder April 11, 2024
Most leaders underestimate the amount of training and upskilling their employees need to productively use AI tools. That miscalculation puts organizations at risk. Learn how to avoid the risks of Low AIQ.

Quantifying Microsoft Copilot For Microsoft 365 Use Just Got Easier

J.P. Gownder April 3, 2024
Microsoft’s new Copilot Dashboard aims to significantly upgrade the data available to Copilot M365 users. Learn how in this post.

Your Employees Aren’t Ready For AI — Prepare Them With AIQ

J.P. Gownder March 27, 2024
Generative AI is everywhere, but employees don't have the skills to use it productively. Here are the skills they need to succeed.

Gemini For Google Workspace Plays The Long Game

J.P. Gownder February 23, 2024
Google recently announced its new generative AI solution for productivity, Gemini for Google Workspace. Can it compete with Microsoft Copilot? Here's what tech and business leaders need to know.

Build A Human-Centered Productivity Strategy

J.P. Gownder February 22, 2024
Too many leaders are distracted by outdated and incorrect conceptions of how to drive productivity. Learn the value of a human-centered productivity strategy in this preview of our new report.

Orbiting Back On A Year Of Generative AI As We Slingshot Ourselves Into The Future

Rowan Curran November 29, 2023
A year after the release of ChatGPT, we take a look back at where it all started, where things stand today, and where we can expect generative AI to go in 2024 and beyond.

OpenAI Has Five Possible Paths To Monetization

J.P. Gownder November 27, 2023
For OpenAI to further scale its grand ambitions, it will need to evaluate five routes to monetization. We rank them from most to least likely.

Predictions 2024: An EX Recession And An AI Revolution Reshape The Future Of Work

J.P. Gownder October 26, 2023


Prognosen 2024: Die Zukunft der Arbeit wird durch eine EX-Rezession und eine KI-Revolution neu definiert

J.P. Gownder 26 Oktober 2023


Prévisions 2024 : une dégradation de l’EX et une révolution de l’IA redéfinissent l’avenir du travail

J.P. Gownder 26 Octobre 2023
L’expérience collaborateur en 2024 sera confrontée à une baisse des investissements et à une complexité croissante. Mais la situation n’est pas totalement négative. Découvrez nos prévisions pour l’expérience collaborateur en 2024.

How To Build Your Business Case For Microsoft 365 Copilot

J.P. Gownder October 25, 2023
Microsoft 365 Copilot’s general-availability day is here. Forrester’s new research can help you build your business case for adoption.

Strikes Are Merely One Expression Of Employee Power

J.P. Gownder October 16, 2023
2023 was the biggest year for US strikes in 40 years. Strikes are an expression of Employee Power — one of the four shocks that will reshape the future of work over the next decade.

Determine Your Readiness For AI With The Robotics Quotient Maturity Assessment At T&I NA

J.P. Gownder September 7, 2023
Forrester’s Technology & Innovation North America Forum in Austin, Texas is just a few days away (September 10–12)! As a part of our activities at the in-person Hub during the T&I Forum, we want to invite all attendees to take our Robotics Quotient Maturity Assessment. What Is The Robotics Quotient Maturity Assessment? The Robotics Quotient (RQ) […]

Modern Work Complexity Requires A Modern Collaboration Model

J.P. Gownder July 19, 2023
Effective collaboration is harder than ever. You read that right: Despite all the advances in collaboration technologies in recent years, the complexities of enabling successful collaboration continue to mount. Our new report helps clients contend with these escalating challenges. Consider just two of the major forces reshaping collaboration in real time: Hybrid work is introducing […]

The Four M’s Of Strategic Workplace AI

J.P. Gownder July 10, 2023
Learn how to incorporate AI more quickly and effectively by using the four M's of workplace AI strategy: multiplier, magic, mistakes, and mayhem.

XR Glasses (i.e., Headsets) For Consumers — Just Another Screen? Or More?

Julie Ask April 3, 2023
The conversation around extended reality (XR) headsets comes and goes frequently — and is peaking again now. The story arc of these conversations has been similar for at least a decade (though we seem to have collective amnesia). First, they’re positioned as the next “must-have” consumer electronics device (think Neil Stephenson’s 1992 “Snow Crash” vision […]

AI In Collaboration Tools Is A Tech Problem In Need Of A Human Solution

J.P. Gownder March 21, 2023
Generative AI — where AI generates novel content in response to a user’s natural-language request — is about to get baked into our collaboration tools. On March 16, Microsoft announced Microsoft 365 Copilot, which injects generative AI directly into the company’s productivity suite (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and more). This follows Google’s recent announcement […]

Mastering Hybrid Meetings Is A Critical Priority

J.P. Gownder March 7, 2023
Employees are overwhelmed with meetings: back-to-back meetings; poorly run meetings; and just flat-out too many meetings. The frequency of meetings increased by 13% during the first year of the pandemic, and leaders tell us those meetings were sticky — they never fell off of calendars. Add in the complications caused by working in the messy […]

Navigating Anywhere-Work In 2023

J.P. Gownder January 17, 2023


Prévisions 2023 : Metavers & NFT

J.P. Gownder 25 Octobre 2022
Découvrez les tendances pour 2023 du metaverse et Web3 identifiées par nos experts analystes. En savoir plus.
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