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Apple iOS 16: My Takeaways

Julie Ask June 9, 2022
Apple continues to strive to make experiences easy, secure, and private for its customers. Here, I’ll focus on the aspects of “easy” here, and what popped for me in Apple's keynote at WWDC 2022.

The Future Of Experiences: What Your Brand Must Do Now To Power The Next Generation Of Consumer Experiences

Julie Ask May 10, 2022
The future of experiences will be more humanlike and immersive ... but also more invisible. Learn what the future holds at CX North America.

Google’s Latest Experiment: What The Future Of Notifications (Could) Look Like

Julie Ask May 6, 2022
Google’s "Little Signals" aims to alleviate alert overload. What can brands take away from this?

The Future Of Experiences For Children: Lessons From Amazon Glow

Julie Ask May 2, 2022
Amazon’s latest product, Amazon Glow, can offer insight into how the future of experiences (for children) is being designed.

There Is No Metaverse Today, But Be Prepared

Mike Proulx March 29, 2022


Do QR Codes Right — Here’s How

Julie Ask March 29, 2022
Fueled by industry and pandemic forces, QR codes have shot onto the scene at every stage of the CLC. Our recently published research, which includes an analysis of over 125 QR codes, highlights several best practices Brands should use when they implement QR codes into their strategy.

AR Glasses Will Help Consumers Access The Metaverse

Julie Ask November 11, 2021
AR glasses aren't ready for widespread consumer use today, but the next decade holds promise for the adoption of AR glasses - both inside and outside the metaverse.

Assess Your Company’s DX Strategy With Forrester’s Emerging Technology Survey

Julie Ask November 3, 2021
Assess your company’s DX strategy with Forrester’s Emerging Technology Survey. And see what we learned from execs in our last iteration of this research.

We Asked Bank Execs About Notifications; Here’s What They Said (Hint: Banks Undervalue Alerts)

Peter Wannemacher October 20, 2021
My colleague Julie Ask and I recently wrote on how banks are using mobile notifications and emerging tech (based on a survey of executives and digital business leaders at banking providers). The full research (only available to Forrester clients) includes more than 50 slides of data and insights. Here are three key findings: Alerts and […]

Marketers, Sharpen Your Mobile Messages

Julie Ask September 14, 2021
It's time to meet your customers where they are. Use these five criteria to enhance the efficacy of your mobile messaging practices.

Nail Your Digital Experience: Get Your Mobile Strategy In Line

Julie Ask July 7, 2021
Is Mobile Still A Thing? Where Is Mobile Headed In 2021 And Beyond? Mobile is everywhere. We use it to send texts to friends, send emails to colleagues, tune in to watch our favorite sports teams, and much more. Yet many brands are still wondering, “What is the future of mobile?” Backed by Forrester’s extensive […]

Samsung’s One UI Watch Experience Moves In The Right Direction But Has Work To Do

Julie Ask June 30, 2021
On June 28, Samsung announced its One UI Watch experience at the Mobile World Congress virtual event. Samsung partnered with Google to create a unified platform that lets users access the same services with a similar user interface across multiple Galaxy devices. Google and Samsung have moved in the right direction with these announcements, but […]

Snap’s Latest Play In Big Tech’s Race To Produce AR Glasses

Julie Ask June 28, 2021
Snap just released its newest Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. These fourth generation spectacles build on previous models and represent Snap's growth to AR power and commitment to making consumer-ready AR glasses.

Digital Experience: The Inside Scoop As Told By 36-Plus Executives

Julie Ask June 17, 2021
“When you look forward two years and think about your aspirations for your consumer digital experiences, what will inhibit you from reaching those goals?” Dozens of digital business and experience executives across numerous industries and geographies shared their thoughts with us about digital experience’s current state, emerging tech, priorities, and inhibitors. I’ve summarized the findings […]

iOS 15: Making 100 Mobile Moments Better Every Day

Julie Ask June 11, 2021
Apple kicked off its annual developer conference on Monday, June 7, 2021. One of its big announcements was iOS 15. iOS 15 makes experiences more intelligent and more intuitive. Apple is adding features that help its customers 100 times a day in little moments throughout the day, every day. In some ways, you could say […]

Dr. Google Just Got Smarter: Big Tech Enters The Dermatology Space

Julie Ask June 2, 2021
Google's AI dermatologist tool will help address key access barriers and empower consumers to take more control of their care.

Three Key Findings From Our State Of Chat In Retail Research

Nicole Murgia May 12, 2021
Retailers and brands have offered chat for years, but recently it has gained traction thanks to new technology advancements and consumers’ overall comfort using chat. Forrester’s Consumer Technographics® shows that 42% of US online adults said that it was important for retailers to offer live online chat on their websites, up significantly from 27% in […]

The Future Of Apple’s (And Others’) App Store

Julie Ask April 28, 2021
Are app stores at risk? Get a detailed analysis of the broader implications of Epic's lawsuit against Apple.

What Enterprises Can Learn From Campaign Spam

Julie Ask November 13, 2020
Have you received a text from a political organization that seems like spam? Something like this? Campaign calls and texts are exempt from do-not-call list requirements, but there are still specific rules that they must follow, such as that campaign-related auto-dialed or prerecorded calls are allowed without prior express consent only when they’re made to […]

Supporting Healthcare With Connected Devices: AliveCor

Julie Ask October 29, 2020
My colleagues Alessia Stewart, Paul-Julien Giraud, and I embarked on a journey two months ago to understand how connected devices can support the delivery of healthcare. We thought connected devices would be helpful in informing diagnoses, monitoring, ensuring compliance of treatment plans, and running clinical trials. We’re building a body of research, but we’ve decided to share a few things along the way. The potential […]
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