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Three Reasons Why A Multi-CMS Approach May Be Right For Your Brand

Nick Barber 4 days ago
In the midst of tech consolidation, brands must think strategically about their CMS Portfolio. Some smart brands are realizing that a multi-CMS strategy can actually improve agility, flexibility, and speed to market.

The Future Of Healthcare

Daniel Hong January 21, 2022
Healthcare is going to see some dramatic change in the decade ahead. Find out which areas are most likely to be impacted and what leaders can do to set their healthcare organizations up for success.

Oracle To Acquire Cerner For $28B (Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Just About EHR)

Daniel Hong January 3, 2022
In the final two weeks of 2021, Oracle announced plans to purchase Cerner for $28.3 billion, the tech giant’s largest acquisition to date. For years, Oracle had pockets of horizontal solutions skinned at the edges for healthcare, but this acquisition signifies the company’s entry into the industry as a major contender — inheriting one of […]

Will Your B2B Content Meet Buyer Expectations In 2022?

Andia Tonner November 19, 2021
It’s nearly the end of the year, so it’s the perfect time to reflect on your accomplishments while planning ahead. Now is also a good time to review the content you published during 2021 and ask some key questions about it. Does your content include data and tech expertise that buyers want? Was it created […]

Predictions 2022: As Digitization Accelerates, Lack Of Equity, Labor, And Trust Will Plague Healthcare

Natalie Schibell November 1, 2021


The Top Trends In Pharma: AI, Patient-Centricity, And Trust Are Needed To Build Resilience in 2022

Daniel Hong September 3, 2021
Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic the pharmaceutical industry has flexed the ability to remain agile and pivot to digital experiences. As 2021 wraps up, the headwinds that catalyzed numerous innovations are likely to persist unabated. However, pharma leaders have an opportunity to leverage these innovations to make long-term improvements in operational efficiency, data-driven […]

Healthcare Insurers Must Address Trust, Disruptive Competitors, And Platform Modernization To Meet Evolving Consumer Expectations In 2022

Arielle Trzcinski August 17, 2021
The headwinds that rocked health insurers throughout 2021 persist unabated as 2022 nears. As the calendar year approaches its terminus, insurers must remain nimble, deliver on their brand promise, and address immediate competitive threats as legislative requirements loom. In 2021, a plurality of trends emerged for healthcare insurers: Insurers are homing in on measuring and […]

Consider Content Engagement Solutions To Enhance Digital Buyer Interactions

Laura Ramos July 20, 2021
Marketing content has become the primary way for customer-facing teams to create dialogue as B2B buyer behavior changes and work-from-home limitations cause buyers to engage online to inform prospect and customer buying decisions. Static, one-to-many communications don’t cut it anymore — to win buyers’ increasingly divided attention, content must become more relevant, valuable, and interactive.  Content engagement solutions are an emerging market category that helps B2B […]

Healthcare Providers Must Address Equity, Burnout, Security, And Digital Experiences To Remain Competitive In 2021

Arielle Trzcinski June 21, 2021
Over the past year, the healthcare industry flexed its strength and accelerated digital transformation timelines at an unimaginable rate. At this midpoint of 2021, healthcare providers (HCPs) must continue to focus on optimizing their newly adopted and expanded care modalities. They must maintain their focus on agility while supporting their employees, protecting vulnerable patient populations, […]

Digital Experience: The Inside Scoop As Told By 36-Plus Executives

Julie Ask June 17, 2021
“When you look forward two years and think about your aspirations for your consumer digital experiences, what will inhibit you from reaching those goals?” Dozens of digital business and experience executives across numerous industries and geographies shared their thoughts with us about digital experience’s current state, emerging tech, priorities, and inhibitors. I’ve summarized the findings […]

From Monolithic To Modular: Kicking Your Sales Content Engine Into High Gear

Kathleen Pierce April 26, 2021
To deliver relevant experiences for each buying situation, B2B organizations need modular sales content. At B2B Summit, learn how high-performing organizations use sales content solutions to achieve this.

Key Takeaways From The Forrester Wave™: B2B Marketing Events Management Solutions, Q1 2021

Laura Ramos March 9, 2021
In Forrester’s recently published report, “The Forrester Wave™: B2B Marketing Events Management Solutions, Q1 2021,” we evaluated the 14 most significant ones — 6Connex, Bizzabo, CadmiumCD, Certain, Circa, Cvent, Hubb, Intrado, Kaltura, meetyoo, ON24, RainFocus, Splash, and SpotMe — against 28 criteria. We also interviewed or surveyed more than 40 reference customers of these vendors. […]

A Lens On Europe: COVID-19 Makes Empathetic B2B Content Essential

Andia Tonner March 8, 2021
Your Marketing Content Doesn’t Cater To New B2B Buyers The age of the customer has shifted buying power to your customers and fundamentally changed B2B buying behavior.[1] Your once rational, loyal B2B customer has been replaced by a less loyal, more emotional decision-maker, who prefers to remain anonymous and self-directs much of their purchase journey […]

Important Questions To Answer Before Making Your Events Virtual

Laura Ramos December 21, 2020
In this Q&A format, we ask — and answer — important questions marketers should address to make their virtual events deliver value to attendees and profits to their business.

Key Takeaways From The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions, Q3 2020

Laura Ramos September 15, 2020
In Forrester’s recently published report, “The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions, Q3 2020,” we evaluated the nine most significant ones — Accent Technologies, Bigtincan, ClearSlide (a division of Corel), Highspot, Mediafly, MindMatrix, Pitcher, Seismic, and Showpad — against 40 criteria. After researching, analyzing, and scoring each vendor’s current offering, strategy, and market presence, we identified […]

Virtual Event Momentum Will Move Strategy And Tech Forward Rapidly

Laura Ramos August 4, 2020
B2B marketers are turning to virtual event solutions as an alternative to physical conferences and meetings during the coronavirus pandemic. Successful marketers start with strategy and define the customer experience they want their online events to deliver. Technology supports this but is ineffective without a solid strategy and set of customer experience goals.

Share Your Sales Enablement Experiences With Us!

Laura Ramos July 1, 2020
Sales enablement and marketing professionals interested in the current and future state of the sales enablement function should take this survey and be the first to receive results.

Build An Effective Customer Advocacy Program By Knowing The Four Advocate Types

Laura Ramos June 11, 2020
By understanding what customer advocates value, you can invite them to participate in the ways that are most meaningful to them, and to you.

Two Questions To Ask Yourself About Your COVID-19 Messaging

Laura Ramos June 5, 2020
As B2B analysts, we’ve been asking ourselves whether organizations have been responding to this health crisis in a way that is truly helpful to their customers. Our recently published report, “Messaging In The Time Of COVID-19,” which details our findings after reviewing 60 B2B websites and social accounts across 12 industries, seeks to answer that […]

Credible, Customer-Centered Content Helps Sellers Be More Human And Relevant

Laura Ramos May 4, 2020
B2B buyers will engage more with empathetic sellers who understand their industry, business, and pain points. Marketing content creators must partner with sales to develop content that truly resonates.
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