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Four Mistakes To Avoid In Customer Advocacy Content

Lisa Gately April 16, 2021
Customer advocacy content has high demand and impact, but B2B organizations need a more intentional, aligned approach to its planning, creation, and use.
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Get The Content You Need From Global Campaigns

Lisa Gately March 16, 2021
Building a global campaign content strategy that works across local markets is a challenge for most B2B marketing organisations. In her latest blog post and upcoming webinar, Lisa Gately outlines how regional marketers can drive the conversation in three areas to improve audience-centricity, decision-making, and content collaboration.
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Three Content Projects Worth Tackling During the COVID-19 Crisis

Lisa Gately April 17, 2020
  • Reassess what’s in your content queue as your organization adapts to a new environment
  • Adjust how you build content with customers and experts as event plans change
  • A close-up look at your current content is essential preparation during changing times
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