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CX For Gov IT: Driving Federal IT Performance Using CX Principles

Matthew Guarini May 18, 2018

The reality is that most Federal IT leaders are under increased scrutiny to deliver increased value and productivity from technology investments at the lowest cost. Simply performing a top-to-bottom technology rationalization effort will no longer make their organization instantly lean and Agile. Let’s level-set the conversation: Most Federal agencies are struggling to create value — namely […]

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Creating The CX-Centric Utility

Matthew Guarini April 26, 2018

Outage management is a defining moment for utilities and thus provides a great way to reimagine the relationship between utilities and their customers. Absent an outage, most consumers don’t give a whole lot of thought to their utility company — flip a switch, and the expected happens. The outage — especially prolonged outages — changes everything. No electricity […]

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CIOs: Use CX Principles To Improve Your IT Brand

Matthew Guarini March 21, 2018

Customer-obsessed businesses recognize how customer experience (CX) strategy can help meet rising client expectations in the Age of the Customer. But few have realized the potential for CX to improve the experience of their “internal” customers: employees. CIOs have the power to drive considerable improvements in employee experience by implementing CX strategy within their tech […]

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Predictions 2018: CIOs Will Lead Organizations To Say Farewell To The Chief Digital Officer

Matthew Guarini November 6, 2017

When I look back at my time as a CIO, I often say it was only half-Dickensian. I bet you can guess which half! Legacy was rampant. Ops models and operating frameworks were based on dated theories. Just as folks felt like they were getting a handle on things, what happens but this thing called […]

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Skynet is nearing awareness?

Matthew Guarini January 10, 2017

In the Terminator franchise, the rise of uncontrollable artificial intelligence (AI) result in threats to the existence of mankind. While the movies provide a stark image of where AI may take us, the risks have a basis in reality. I will leave it to my colleague, Martha Bennett, to talk about the challenges that AI […]

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Tell Your Board How Business Technology Will Help Win Customers

Matthew Guarini December 19, 2016

Customers are more powerful than ever, and nothing is slowing that trend. Your Board is the primary body for setting, monitoring, and adapting strategy. Ensuring that the Board, and the C-suite,  is equipped with the proper insight and knowledge is a requirement. Research shows that CEOs rank technological change as the second-most-pressing factor for companies […]

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2017 CIO Predictions: CIOs Push For Speed Amid Volatility

Matthew Guarini October 31, 2016

Get used to it. Gone are the days of stability and predictability. The business environment you operate in will change faster than ever in 2017. Many of these changes will be outside of your control, but your ability to anticipate and respond will make or break your success. At the heart of this change is […]

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