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Many Surveys, Small Impact: Forrester’s 2023 State Of VoC And CX Measurement Practices Survey

Colleen Fazio March 13, 2024
Forrester’s 2023 State Of VoC And CX Measurement Practices Survey results are in. They reveal some continued trends — and some interesting shifts.

Don’t Let Customer Journeys Be Misunderstood

Joana de Quintanilha March 7, 2024
Learn why conflating customer journeys with lifecycles, processes, or campaigns prevents your organization from understanding the customer perspective, degrades your customers’ experiences, and erodes your organization’s success.

Highlights aus dem deutschen Banken CX Index 2023 – Wie können deutsche Bankenmarken durch die Qualität ihrer Kundenerfahrungen Loyalität gewinnen?

Maxie Schmidt November 6, 2023
Dieser Blog wurde von Hannah Jachim verfasst.  Führende Unternehmen im Bereich Kundenerfahrung (CX) steigern ihren Umsatz schneller als Nachzügler, senken Kosten, verringern das Risiko und können mehr für ihre Produkte verlangen. Jedes Jahr misst der CX-Index von Forrester, wie gut eine Marke Kundenerlebnisse bietet, die Kundenloyalität schaffen und erhalten. Dieses Jahr hat Forrester 2.451 Bankkunden […]

Highlights From The Germany Banking CX Index Rankings, 2023 — How German Banking Brands Can Earn Loyalty With The Quality Of Their Customer Experiences

Maxie Schmidt November 6, 2023
[This blog was cowritten by Hannah Jachim.] Providing a good customer experience (CX) has a positive influence on customer retention, boosts cross-sell and upsell potential, lowers the cost to serve existing customers, and brings in new customers. Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) measures how well a brand delivers customer experiences that create and sustain […]

Want Answers To Key VoC And Metrics Questions? Help The CX Community Get Answers!

Maxie Schmidt November 3, 2023
You Have Burning Voice Of Customer And CX Metrics Questions You ask us questions such as: How mature are VoC and CX measurement programs in my and other industries? Which feedback sources do others use in their VoC programs, and how valuable are they? Which CX metrics do other organizations measure? Is NPS on the […]

Do You Understand GenAI? You Need To, Especially If You’re A CX Leader

David Truog October 3, 2023
Do you understand generative AI? Forrester’s data shows that 54% of AI decision-makers believe their organization’s executive team is “very familiar” with it — but we’ve observed widespread misunderstandings among execs of what it is, how it works behind the curtain, and what it can do. So last week we published a new, FAQ-style report […]

How To Scale CX Measurement Across A Complex Organization

Maxie Schmidt October 3, 2023
Does your organization span regions, lines of business, and brands? That makes scaling a customer experience (CX) measurement program more challenging; you need to balance consistency and oversight with adaptation and localization.   Find Answers To Crucial Questions In Our New Research The new report, How To Scale CX Measurement Across A Complex Organization, answers […]

You Can’t Deliver Value To Customers: Key Lessons For Tech Leaders

Maxie Schmidt August 21, 2023
Tech executives who want to center their strategies on customer value must start by acknowledging that their organization cannot “deliver” value to customers. No one can — that’s not how value works. Join us at Technology & Innovation EMEA this October to learn about technology's role in driving the customer-obsessed growth engine.

The Customer Is “Neo,” Not You

Maxie Schmidt June 7, 2023
You need to deliver value to customers. Right? Wrong! Believing that your firm “delivers” value makes you the Hero. This is just like Neo in “The Matrix,” which tells a classic hero story of Thomas “Neo” Anderson, who is on a quest to free humanity from the Matrix. Trinity is his co-star. Morpheus, Agent Smith, […]

How To Prioritize Customer Journeys

Maxie Schmidt April 12, 2023
Find recommendations for how to best prioritize journeys, and discover our Customer Journey Prioritization Tool for doing the prioritization work.

Low Measurement Maturity Remains A Challenge For CX Leaders

Maxie Schmidt April 11, 2023
How effective are customer experience (CX) measurement programs? To answer this question, we fielded our 2022 State Of VoC And CX Measurement Practices Survey among CX professionals responsible for measurement or voice of the customer (VoC) at their organization. You will find the detailed results in our report, The State Of CX Measurement Practices, 2022 […]

Finalists Announced For The Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award — EMEA

Maxie Schmidt March 28, 2023
The hard work of customer obsession deserves recognition. Discover the finalists for the inaugural Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award — EMEA.

New: Net Promoter Score Rankings For 114 European Brands

Maxie Schmidt January 17, 2023
Forrester just published The European Net Promoter Rankings, 2022 report, including the Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS) and industry rank for 114 brands in banking, auto and home insurers, and auto manufacturers across France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. We asked 30,000 European consumers in our annual Customer Experience Benchmark Survey about their likelihood to […]

Deutsche Auto- und Hausratversicherer bieten weiterhin hervorragende Kundenerfahrungen

Maxie Schmidt 19 Dezember 2022
Die CX-Qualität deutscher Auto- und Hausratversicherungsunternehmen ist weiterhin hoch und übertreffen ihre europäischen Konkurrenten. Jetzt mehr erfahren.

How To Get Executives To Buy In To CX Transformation

Maxie Schmidt December 13, 2022
Win support for customer experience transformation by connecting CX to financial goals. Learn how to craft a compelling CX business case, with examples.

Good News/Bad News About VoC And CX Measurement Practices

Colleen Fazio December 6, 2022
“Help us help you.” This was the call to action we put out in July and August of 2022 to voice-of-the-customer (VoC) and customer experience (CX) measurement leaders around the world. We asked CX professionals responsible for VoC and CX measurement activities to tell us about their teams’ scope and structure, practices, and challenges. In […]

Improving CX By 1 Point Can Drive More Than 1 Billion Dollars In Revenue (2022)

Maxie Schmidt November 7, 2022
Our New Report, How Customer Experience Drives Business Growth, 2022, Puts A $-Value On Improving CX By 1 Point. Many customer experience (CX) leaders find it hard to make the case for investing in CX. That’s why Forrester built industry-specific models that demonstrate how CX improvements drive business growth through increased customer loyalty. Read our […]

CX Commitment Checklist: Help Your Executives Face Reality

Maxie Schmidt November 1, 2022
Amidst a flurry of C-level leaders declaring that their organizations are currently or are becoming customer centric, customer experience (CX) leaders face their biggest battle yet: Making executives in their organization aware of the damaging shadow they as leaders cast on efforts to become more customer obsessed. My colleague Richard Sheahan and I often talk […]

Erlebnisqualität deutscher Bankkunden sinkt 2022

Maxie Schmidt 28 Oktober 2022
Laut Forresters CX-Index ist die CX-Qualität in Deutschland gesunken. Wie können deutsche Banken die Customer Experience verbessern? Jetzt mehr erfahren.

Value For Customers: A 60-Second Look At The Top 11 Driver Categories

Maxie Schmidt August 16, 2022
Watch this 60-second video to learn the key drivers of value for customers.
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