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Hong Kong Banks Must Raise The Bar In Mobile Banking

Meng Liu August 28, 2019
For the first time, Forrester has evaluated banks in Hong Kong, the famous world finance hub. We benchmarked the usability and functionality of the mobile apps of five banks in Hong Kong.
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Facebook’s Libra Needs To Answer Three Questions

Meng Liu June 19, 2019
On June 18, Facebook officially launched its Libra cryptocurrency project, which aims to leverage blockchain technologies to create a new stable cryptocurrency backed by a basket of fiat currencies. Facebook says its aim is to enable accessible and affordable digital payments for billions of people, including un-/underbanked people across the world. It aims to make […]
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Define Your Payment Strategy For B2B eCommerce In China

Meng Liu May 9, 2019
As the world’s largest eCommerce market, China appeals to global B2C and B2B brands alike. But China’s B2B eCommerce market is not as mature as the consumer space, and neither is its B2B payments. Multinationals that want to develop their B2B online commerce business in China will need to clearly define their strategy, including what […]
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A New Era, A New Digital Japan?

Meng Liu April 22, 2019
A New Era, A New Digital Japan? On May 1, Japan will get a new emperor, and a new era — Reiwa — will begin. The transition is largely symbolic, as the emperor’s role is ceremonial, but the coming of the Reiwa era also marks the end of the Heisei era, sometimes known as “the […]
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