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The New Design-Driven Development Landscape

Michael Facemire May 7, 2012
How did we get from single-channel desktop apps… In the not-too-distant past web-centric software development had a standard workflow between designers and developers.  This was possible because there was a single delivery channel (the web browser) and well-established development constructs. Design patterns like Model-View-Controller had well known coding counterparts such as Java Server Pages, the […]
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Mobile Backend-As-A-Service: The New Lightweight Middleware?

Michael Facemire April 26, 2012
It’s no secret that demand for mobile applications is skyrocketing in both the consumer and enterprise space. To meet that demand, application development shops are continually looking for new ways to accelerate development of apps that meet their consumers’ needs. In response, many new ISVs are beginning to offer a set of cloud-based, server-side mobile services […]
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