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Earth Day 2024: Back To Square One For Sustainability Maturity

Amy DeMartine April 19, 2024
A lot has changed in the regulatory landscape since we introduced Forrester’s Sustainability Maturity Model three years ago. For Earth Day 2024, we’ve updated the model. Read this post to learn about the major changes to the model and how it can help your organization reassess your sustainability maturity.

Intel Bets On AI Everywhere And Demand For Smaller, Targeted LLMs

Alvin Nguyen April 11, 2024
Tech leaders are rethinking their strategic partnerships, because silicon matters again. That's why so much attention was paid to this year's Intel Vision conference. Get our key takeaways from the event including three intriguing Intel product announcements.

AT&T Outage Shines A Spotlight On Network Dependability

Octavio Garcia Granados February 23, 2024
What are the key lessons telecommunications carriers and IT and technology leaders can learn from the recent AT&T outage? Find out in this summary of the outage and its impact on IT leaders.

The Top 10 Edge Computing And IoT Trends That Matter In 2023

Michele Pelino December 12, 2023
Get a preview of four of the the top 10 2023 trends in edge computing and IoT.

Predictions 2024: Technology Infrastructure Addresses A Tumultuous Environment

Michele Pelino October 30, 2023
Dynamic changes are occurring in the technology infrastructure landscape, impacting the data center, remote work, edge environments, and connectivity. Learn more in our 2024 technology infrastructure predictions.

Where Should You Start Your Retail IoT Journey?

Michele Pelino October 2, 2023
From data implications to the myriad of use cases, IoT can be somewhat daunting for retail companies. Get some guidance on where to begin with IoT in this post.

Use IoT Heat Maps To Identify Opportunities For Operational Excellence

Michele Pelino June 8, 2023
Every day, I speak with enterprises using or aspiring to use the internet of things (IoT). Much of what they want to know are the primary use cases where it can serve them. For this reason, I lean on a combination of quantitative and qualitative insights to build out a use-case heat map by industry. […]

Key Information That Tech Executives Should Know About Edge Computing

Michele Pelino May 9, 2023
Many tech executives must become knowledgeable about edge computing technologies, which put compute, storage, and intelligence close to where it’s needed, allowing firms to design and deploy software flexibly between central, distributed, and local sites. Edge computing decisions affect infrastructure, operations, security, partnerships, and innovation in your company. Proactively establish your firm’s edge computing strategy […]

Use Sustainability Mandates And Investments To Drive Supply Chain Innovation

Michele Pelino April 21, 2023
Five things you can do to position your firm for successful supply chain sustainability transformation.

Responding To Today’s Global Uncertainty With Sustainability

Paul Miller March 14, 2023
Last year, a number of Forrester analysts discussed how manufacturers are responding to the challenges their industry faces right now. As I wrote at the time: “Energy prices are scary. Supply chain disruptions are scary. Workforce modernization and empowerment are hard. Budgets are tightening. Hardware upgrades are expensive, slow, and painful. Aligning the competing (or, […]

Introducing The Forrester Asset Taxonomy

Carlos Casanova March 3, 2023
The definition of “asset” has broadened well beyond traditional financial boundaries in the earliest days of IT asset management. Technology stakeholders are often confused over what constitutes an asset, and the technologies to enable enterprise asset management frequently add to this confusion.

Responding To Today’s Global Uncertainty With Smart Manufacturing

Paul Miller November 11, 2022
“If you want to get there, I wouldn’t start from here.” It’s easy to present beautiful visions of a digitally augmented future, full of shiny new machines (all from the same manufacturer, of course), empowered workers, and AI magic. It’s easy, but it’s often a long way from the reality facing most manufacturers today. Energy […]

Predictions 2023: Economic Uncertainty And Climate Shifts Will Shape Edge, IoT, And Networking

Michele Pelino November 7, 2022
From the city to the farm, market forces will have a dramatic impact on edge, IoT, and networking. Learn more in our 2023 predictions.

The US Is Spending Nearly Half Of A Trillion Dollars On Climate And Infrastructure, Seeding The Green Market Revolution

Amy DeMartine August 15, 2022
Forrester’s research team reviews the major business implications of the Inflation Reduction Act.

The Future Of Edge Computing: New Opportunities Evolve Along Three Timelines

Michele Pelino May 18, 2022
Learn what new opportunities and risks are brought about by edge computing.

Sneak Peek: The State Of Industrial Sustainability In 2022

Michele Pelino April 18, 2022
On April 22, countries across the world will celebrate the 52nd annual Earth Day. To highlight the important role of sustainability to industrial firms, I’m providing a preview of key findings from an upcoming state of industrial sustainability report. Industrial firms in key sectors (e.g., primary production, product manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, chemicals, oil, gas) […]

Operational Excellence Applies To All Firms Embracing Sustainability But Especially Industrial Firms

Michele Pelino October 27, 2021
All firms are evolving their sustainability initiatives to address Forrester’s five-level sustainability maturity model. However, many manufacturing firms spanning various industrial markets, including primary production, product manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, chemicals, and oil and gas, are proactively addressing sustainability initiatives to address operational priorities. These sustainability initiatives often include critical operational processes (e.g., supply […]

Workload Affinity Expands Edge Computing Opportunities In 2022

Michele Pelino October 7, 2021
In 2022, CIOs and technology executives should prepare for evolving edge computing environments, which run software wherever that software best fits the need — a concept Forrester calls workload affinity. We have identified four edge environments to support a range of workload affinity requirements: the enterprise edge, the operations edge, the engagement edge, and the […]

IoT Solutions Power Safe, Speedy, And Cold COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

Nigel Fenwick December 15, 2020
By enabling temperature monitoring of vaccine shipments, advances in internet-of-things technology could play a major role in the vaccine's deployment.

Predictions 2021: Technology Diversity Drives IoT Growth

Michele Pelino October 28, 2020
In 2021, demand for IoT devices and services will be driven by a variety of technology applications. Find out what Forrester predicts for IoT in the coming year.
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